Firstone V2 Suggestions

I was thinking a lot on some things that could be added that I went to the separate game to suggest them. (trello)


Government Limos should consist of: Police Lighting, Armored windows and doors (not to much armor) Transparency for the back to really low. where you can hardly see. Civilian Lighting for both sides of the car (Apply s for Government), Less armored then Government, Less speed, torq, Both to be a Crown Vic Model with modifications to make it look nice.

An improved traffic light system:

Ok, as I go into Firestone to go forward and the light gives an green arrow, It should only do that if their is a car their, some kind of detection device, also to add a blinking yellow light for the turn arrow while the main lights are green. Add unions that are with sidewalk make them bend so that it’s easyer to turn the car instead of always hitting the curbs, Also allow the traffic lighting to cease operations of the traffic light when their are no cars and theirs a car in the other side of the road. Roads to have some kind of reflective material so that the road becomes more brighter to the driver, allow more sidewalks to the public to decrease jaywalking.

Note: These are made by me in the trello ( but to put it out their it’s now on the forum.



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