Firestone V3 Mall

Okay, So I Say V3 because V2 from what I know, will not be being worked on since They are working on V3, Anyways I think V3 Should have a Mall! It’ll be located in Arborfield and it’ll be Huge!

What’s the point? Well, People can have their business in the Mall. With the business license from the Department of Commerce, people will have there own small shops in the mall (You know how the mall looks boi/whamen) So for example, A Coffee shop, People can sell coffee there and give it to other players! Maybe the mall can have custom signs where you can put your own words on them? The rooms will be Pre-Made and people Must ask Dep of Commerce to work in the shops they choose with the business license Some of the Pre-Made shops can be Coffee shop, Gym, Merit Apparel, Fast food restaurant and etc.

Department recruiters can even go to the Mall and advertise there Department! Like FNG Coming in the Formal uniforms or something and recruit for the National Guard! It’ll be cool.

The Mall can Also hire its own Private security agency! So like a Security Guard approved by Commerce and who knows, Make it’ll be an official group by Firestone so I think this should come pls!!

no u

lol i rated it 2 stars

If I am not mistaken this thing can be a separate commerce thing, no?

it sounds interesting

lol i dunno but uhhhhhhhhhhh im a noob at this stuff thx ok and thx for perm to enter fng sir

Sounds like a lot of l a g for something not really necessary.

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Group and player run shops will never work. However, NPC run shops will.

How would one obtain a building/store?

This is very necessary lol what…This would finally give people with business a feeling like they actually HAVE a Business. It would also give Citizens more things to do…Who does not like shopping in a mall, They could even apply for Mall security which is NOT as hard as becoming a LEO. Would also give Department of Com something big to do.

So far, the only thing LAW abiding citizens are getting in V3 is ‘Fishing’ from what I know so far…How is it not necessary sir i say no u

Basically, I would say it would work like when you get a Business license from Com, They can add some script in-game that allows people with a license to click a GUI and they would OWN that business or, In the Dep of Com group, All members who own a Business/Business license MUST join the ROBLOXgroup, Being in this group would allow them to claim the shops. Kinda like how only DHS Can control Fedora masters walls and all of that, Only the person in-group with the Business license can Open and close the business door.

For the most part it could be ran by NPC’s whilst also having real players with business only limited to about 4-6 business shops.

Not sure that would work as good as it sounds. A lot to question but also like Danny said, lag.

This would NOT be that laggy, Where you yall getting this ‘Lag’ from. The only Reason Firestone lags now is because of 1 The vehicles, As Fed said during the meeting, they have 150k+ Parts, In V3 they will be mesh with only about 10. 2. The terrain, All the Hills and all that rubbish is SUPER laggy, SCFD Rigs can’t even hardly DRIVE past the hills without LAGGING like insane. The ‘Mall’ would not add much lag at ALL. It would only be about 4/6 SMALL Doors that move by clicking a button. and a big building like CD which does NOT even lag firestone at ALL.

And again, Law abiding citizens need more to do than Government jobs. Dep of com has nothing to do really and everyone says they are useless. They need something to do in-game as well. I don’t see how this would be that laggy, Feds Gate + Gov’s Gate is the size of at least 18+ Roblox scripted moving doors and they don’t even lag bad so :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why not

ehhhh not right now

combine Bloxy, arbor fashion outlets, rogreens, blox mart and subway all in one mall, including a merit outlet xd

I really dont think we need a mall… LAG

a mall would be a nice idea if it were to lead to a separate universe game

otherwise itll probably lag to shit

v1 had a mall once sigh




  • dept of commerce actually has something to do
  • increased traffic in an area
  • something for LEOs to actually do besides patrolling (dropping by and patrolling the mall itself)
  • singular location for all your needs


  • increased traffic means less want to move across the rest of the map
  • mall will essentially render local businesses useless, taking out a part of dept of commerce
  • potential for mass shooters
  • lag (unless they use the interior load system from V2)

mall would be nice. lag? probably. maybe if we do what shy said. plus, more stuff for commerce. but honestly, i dont think we need a crazy big mall. like honestly, how many times will you actually use it? probably not much.

anyways, could be good if done right.


A mall sounds like a good idea, and idk why people keep pulling the lag card… Since I dont think it would be that laggy


Exactly :grimacing: I already explained above why the mall would not be laggy at all but people still don’t seem to understand, at least explain why you think it would be laggy