Firestone Summer Cup Series


Firestone Speedway’s Summer Cup Series Announcement

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Team Regulations
  3. Teams
  4. Race Procedures & Guidelines


The Firestone Speedway is hosting the Summer Cup Series throughout the month of July! This Cup Series will allow participants to win prizes in the forms of Robux, FSD Cash, and in-game vehicle perks! The races will consist of 2 qualification series on separate weeks leading up to the championship series.

Team Regulations

Each team within the Firestone Speedway must have proper leadership with at least one driver. The driver can not be their own team owner. The Speedway has allotted numbers 2 to 99 for any teams to claim. Team owners are responsible for signing up for the appropriate events as well as responsible for their teams ensuring they respect the Speedways guidelines when participating. Should a team be found in violation of any regulation imposed by the Speedway, they will be given a fine or disqualified from future events temporarily or permanently.

There may only be a maximum of three (3) team owners and five (5) team drivers. Rewards are often distributed between the present driver + all owners, or should it be an item reward, it would be awarded to present driver + one selected owner.

To establish a new team, direct message Cenosity#9086 with the following information:

  1. Team Name
  2. Team Owner Name
  3. Team Driver(s) Name
  4. Preferred Number (please give at least 5 ranking from most favorable to least favorable)


Current Teams:

  1. Team Name

    • Owners:
    • Driver(s):
  2. Team Name

    • Owners:
    • Driver(s):

Race Procedures & Guidelines

All Firestone Speedway procedures and guidelines can be found here: SPEEDWAY TRACK USAGE & GUIDELINES - Google Docs


Summer Cup Series

Race Dates

  1. Thursday, July 8 - Qualifier Series
    • 6:00 PM EST
  2. Thursday, July 15 - Qualifier Series
    • 6:00 PM EST
  3. Thursday, July 22 - Championship Series (Major)
    • 6:00 PM EST

Series Rewards

The top three teams from the Championship Series will receive the following,

1st Place - 1000 Robux (Hopefully the trophy rims!)
2nd Place - 500 Robux (Hopefully the trophy rims!)
3rd Place - 100 Robux (Hopefully the trophy rims!)

Race Information

There may only be a maximum of six teams per race. During the qualifier series, each team will compete against five other teams, whereas the top two winners of each race will move on to the Championship Series. Should there be less than six teams left for a race, they will join the last full race (where it may be up to 11 drivers). The Championship Series will have races until a top three list has been created.

Location: The Firestone Speedway
Host: The Firestone Speedway
Signup Procedure: DM Cenosity#9086 if you wish to enter your team. Be sure your team has been created in the original post of this thread.

Current Teams Registered - Registration Ends July 7