Firestone Police Explorer Program


Firestone Police Exploring Program



The Firestone Police Exploring program is a private entity within State of Firestone that builds character for citizens that desire to enter the law enforcement career in the future. The program works alongside other agencies to provide a full hands-on learning session without actively committing to the duties of a law enforcement agent. Whether or not the individual wishes to pursue a career in law enforcement, the program will allow for citizens to experience what it is like as a law enforcement agent within this state. This document will provide the basic information for those who are interested in the explorer program.

Probationary Period

Each individual that successfully applies for the program and passes the background check will enter the probationary period. This period will ensure that the individual is committed to becoming apart of the exploring program. Additionally, the individual will have the ability to showcase their needs such that the program will deliberately assist the individual during their time as an explorer.

There is no requirement for an individual to be apart of the program aside from having a clean record within the State. It is advised for members going through POST to continue their classes to obtain their certification whilst taking advantage of the exploring program.

FPE regularly opens their Admissions to interested Citizens, Probationaries are expected to take a small course that informs them of the basics in Law Enforcement, from there they are made Explorers and begin through the program.

Explorer’s Program

As an explorer, each individual and their respective class will go through the curriculum designed for character building and leadership development. The program will work with State departments to provide the best possible curriculum for explorers that participate within the said program. Each explorer that goes through the program will be able to use the skills learned and experiences when applying to law enforcement agencies, so that they may provide quality services to the respective departments.

Explorer’s Conduct

An explorer represents his class and the program in and out of uniform. The individual should show appropriate conduct in an out of uniform. Their actions should not discredit themselves or the program.

Certification and Merits

The program will reward explorers with certifications and merits that dictate the explorer’s skills and their proficiency:

  1. Pro-Marksman Certification
  • The explorer was able to successfully show proficiency in their use of tactical-issued weapons.
  1. Marksman Certification
  • The explorer was able to successfully show proficiency in their use of standard-issued firearms.
  1. Silver Wheel Certification
  • The explorer was able to successfully show proficiency in their operations of a standard-issued training patrol vehicle.
  1. Immobilization Certification
  • The explorer was able to successfully show proficiency in immobilizing a non-life threatening threat with standard-issued tools.
  1. First Aid Certification
  • The explorer was able to successfully show proficiency in rendering first aid to individuals, as overseen by the Stapleton County Fire Department and/or the Department of Health.
  1. Law Enforcement Knowledge Certification
  • The explorer was able to successfully show excellent knowledge of Law Enforcement related material

Chain of Command

The explorer program is split in the following ranks:

  1. Advisor
  • The head of the program.
  1. Senior Advisor
  • The assistnat head of the program
  1. Associate Advisor
  • Overwatch a specific section of the program
  1. Explorer Captain
  • Troop leader. They work directly with the advisors.
  1. Explorer Lieutenant
  • Section leader. They overwatch a specific section within the program.
  1. Explorer Sergeant
  • Unit Commander. They overwatch their assigned Unit of explorers or assist with the trainings
  1. Explorer Corporal
  • Senior Explorers. They assist in leading the newer Explorers through their journey
  1. Explorer
  • Members of the program that have completed their Probationary phase and show competence
  1. Probationary Explorer
  • Members that are going through probationary period to become a full-fledged explorer.

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