Firestone Museum of National History

Hello! The Firestone Museum of National History prides itself on making Wikipedia pages for around Firestone. However it is a grey area and is risky to continue to make theses pages on Wikipedia, because of this we want to have a poll to see what our costumers what.

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Get access to State of Firestone Wiki | Fandom


I do like the idea of Wiki but it has so many ads, pluses it’s not as effective as Wikipedia or editthis, but I’ll see what its like.

Definitely not wikipedia. Wikipedia is more for articles written to academic standards than for roblox lore.


That’s why fandom is a thing

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The fandom used to be active, just ask Fed to add you


If this gets a lot of peoples attention, I can talk to path and propose the idea of hosting a wiki ourselves under the Firestone domain.

It will be managed by the founders/me hopefully and given to the department of state since im pretty sure they have a museum or whatever


They also have the archives office

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In principle, I manage the Museum, but also like I have nothing to do with it right now.

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I have made a wiki page, this is how many new pages would be formatted if we start to uses the Firestone Wiki.

I believe this is a little innacurate

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