Firestone Marshals Service

Firestone Marshals Service


The duties of the Firestone Marshals Service are:

  • Protection of lives of the Firetone Judges
  • Prison Control Unit (Will be able to have jurisdiction at the prison, and enter at any given time to patrol if no FDoC is online).
  • Prisoner Escorts
  • Fugitive Recovery
  • Witness Protection Program
  • Serving Federal Arrest Warrants

The Director will be nominated by the Governor:
The Director will appoint a Deputy Director and a Chief of Staff

The ranks shall follow as:
Firestone Governors
Attorney General
Deputy Director
Chief of Staff
Unit Commander
Marshal In Charge
Deputy Marshal
Correctional Officer or Detention Enforcement Officer
Applicant or Awaiting Training

The Firestone Marshals Service Divisions

  • Prison Control Unit (Will be an on/off – if FDoC is at prison they PCU will assist and/or leave the prison).
  • Judiciary Security Unit (Court Bailiff, Protection Detail for all Firestone Judges).
  • Special Service Team (Fugitive Recovery, Witness Protection, Warrant Search, Etc).
  • Social Media & Public Relations (No need for POST Certified, but will not be allowed on team, if caught blacklist throughout any DoJ Departments).

How to get into the department (Can change at any given moment, not official, idk)

  • Acceptance of transfer from any DoJ Departments, or FDoC.
  • POST Certified.
  • Clean Record / Minimum of 2 Citations.
  • Apply at the Universal Application Center
  • Invitation from the: Director or Deputy Director, but will have a HiComm Vote.


  • Marshals Polo
  • Special Service Team OUV
  • Mourning Bands
  • Class A Formals

Let’s make this a department in Firestone, support if you’d like to see it come to life and get the Governor(s) eyes!


No. Any LEO can execute a warrant, no need for a task force. Why have two corrections services for our already underused prison. We don’t really use witnesses enough to warrant witness protection. Judges don’t really need protection (in fact we rarely go to the County). And if it’s an emergency SS can get us. This is just going to be a useless agency.

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You really think Governor has much power in creating departments/adding tech to the departments

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That is true. I rarely went to the county when I was a judge. It kept me out of trouble. Hence, why I don’t go now.


Protection of lives of the Firetone Judges - DHS: SS
Prison Control Unit (Will be able to have jurisdiction at the prison, and enter at any given time to patrol if no FDoC is online). - DOC, what’s the point of having 2 depts on 1 area
Prisoner Escorts - DOC
Fugitive Recovery - Didn’t really get what do you mean, but usually DHS would be tasked with stuff like that
Witness Protection Program - witnesses don’t need protection as we have discord and it’s not real life, and I repeat, even if it’s required we have DHS for that.
Serving Federal Arrest Warrants - DHS, to be correct CRT and IO, SCSO and FSP also serve warrants, but aren’t doing it like CRT and IO.


interesting proposition

im always curious to why @DannyboyJurist is always responding to these petitions

but, as a justice im not supposed to get involved in these politics.

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Well for one, this petition isn’t legally binding so it’s not technically political as it can’t go anywhere. And a petition regardless isn’t politics so I’ll do what I damn well please. Furthermore, it involves my branch.

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in this case yes it does, but most petitions i see are about other branches.

petitioning the government = politics as far as i am concerned

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Might want to fix that as those are polar opposites. @Rulishh

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theres ss and judges dont need protection

useless we have corrections for a reason

doc has a division for that

regular leo’s can do that easily

court cases take around 1-2 months to happen and i doubt they would be active enough to do this

pretty much same thing as fugitive recovery

this isnt doc

so easy to go rogue if this happens

thats odd

this could be so bias

so theres no class c, or ouv’s besides the special service team?
giant meme


no. Do you have any idea of the amount of impersonation that will happen if this actually becomes a thing? You guys will become the next FBI despite the hate gotten from citizens, etc towards you, and the constant tackling of impersonation. I’d say no.

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Thats a good sign that justices KNOW ALL ABOUT THE CHAOS of tho county!


The impersonation isn’t the problem, sir

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I call dibs on uniform designer

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First you came up with FS SWAT now you came up with this. what else are you going to do: Firestone minutemen


yes lol

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