Firestone Maestro Airlines!

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Hello, people of Firestone, I am CEO ProboTactics of Firestone Maestro Airlines I recently founded this company today, and plan to be fully dedicated to it past v3! We are a business based in The State of Firestone, we thrive to give the best flight experiences within the State of Firestone. We offer private flights, commercial flights, and executive flights. We the BEST quality flights in Firestone, and have the best customer service and kindest staff team always there to help!

Unfortunately, we cannot begin a commercial, business, or private related flights until v3.
Our Commerce Business License is pending.

In meanwhile we kindly ask you to join our Group and discord so when v3 is released and the Firestone Department of Aviation allows applications for airliners we will begin full operations!


Thank you, people, of Firestone, Mastro Airliners “Fly Premium”

Chief Executive Officer, ProboTactics


it sounds very interesting and cool, not putting you down or anything but it’s gonna be a long wait even if v3 does have aircraft eventually.

just wondering, why doesnt FOA use like another game for flights?

I Dont think fed would allow that and also it would take alot of scripting, and development.

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we had a airport but env wanted to renovate it

No thx, I’ll stick with Firestone airlines


this may sound as a coup or complete overthrow of the founders but, maybe you should bring it back in your own game.

y’all can make airlines just make it like any other ro airline but based in firestone (but please actually make good airports)

i like the name, good luck with this

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Sorry I will not risk my life in your hands. One customer LOST im NOT using YOUR AIRLINE

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can I fly it through the sky and then into the hanger?

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FDOA still has to approve you guys so prepare to have your entire business shutdown because you don’t meet requirements k

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Why should I have to prepare for it to be shutdown? I meet all the requirements…

I would suggest you go read this:

Commerce wont license a airline buisness

I’m fully aware of that but if you actually took a moment to READ my post you would see.

but youd still need. a buisness license. to advertise. as a buisness.

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I dont think you’ll actually get a plane in v3 tho, (if thats your plan). Fed said DOA flight will be in another game.


I do want to see airlines become a thing in Firestone. However, with FIA being a sub-game from v3, I think it’ll be incredibly difficult to get FIA to be active. So, you might want to look into getting another airport set up for your own operations.

v3 getting a new update is taking months um don’t expect an airport to be done anytime within the next 2 years…