Firestone Game Moderator Guide

Firestone Game Moderator Guide

Last Updated January 19, 2018

Table of Contents

Section 1: Purpose
Section 2: Commands
Section 3: Ban Severities
Section 4: Abuse Policy
Section 5: General Requirements
Section 6: Chain of Command

Section 1: Purpose

The purpose of the Game Moderators are to ensure that individuals are not harming gameplay within Stapleton County by adhering to The Official “FRP” Guide. The guide consists of acts forbidden by users when participating within Stapleton County and enforced by the respective game moderators. Game Moderators are only to begin moderating when receiving specific reports, such as an individual actively violating the guide or an individual actively disrupting gameplay through exploits.

Game Moderators are not allowed to “patrol,” whereas viewing every single user within the server every certain amount of time. They may only act upon calls when needed.

Section 2: Commands

Game Moderators are equipped with custom administrative abilities that are recorded. When a command is executed, the individual executing the command is expected to provide a valid reasoning within the log. Each command is given appropriately to the scope of work and limited to an extent.

The following list contains all the valid commands and it’s appropriate usage:

Command Usage
Kick [Player] This command is to be used to eject players from the server that are causing disruption within gameplay.
Ban [Player] This command is to be used to permanently eject players from a specific server that are causing continuous disruption after being warned. Depending on severity, a ban may be posted on trello.
TBan [Player] Depending on severity, an individual may be server banned and placed into pending bans on trello. This command maybe executed for individuals that are causing continuous disruptions.
View [Player] This individual may be watched by moderators that have been reported by other players to be causing a disruption. An individual may not be watched if not reported upon.
Unview After viewing an individual, a moderator has the ability to unview.
Track A moderator has the ability to track all players within the server. This command should only be used when a player is causing disruption and is unable to be identified. This command should not be used to keep surveillance.
Untrack A moderator has the ability to untrack after tracking.

Should a moderator execute a command unnecessarily, they may see to their dismissal as a game moderator.

Section 3: Ban Severities

All bans posted on trello must have an expiration date. The length of bans may be determined by the following:

Ban Type Length of Ban
Exploiting Indefinite
Logging 1 week per previous logs, indefinite after 3 logs
Trouble Causing Between 3-15 days. 15+ days require Senior Moderator+ approval
Fail Roleplay Server kick or ban. Trello-bans on repetitive actions, up to 14 days. 15+ days require Senior Moderator+ approval
Roblox Terms of Service Violation Server kick or ban. Trello-bans on repetitive actions, up to 14 days. 15+ days require Senior Moderator+ approval
Glitching Server kick or ban. Trello-bans on repetitive actions, up to 14 days. 15+ days require Senior Moderator+ approval
Stolen Assets Indefinite

Section 4: Abuse Policy

Game Moderators hold one of the most powerful duties within Stapleton County. Misuse of the given privileges will result in an immediate removal from the moderation team and a ban from the State of Firestone, depending on severity. A Moderator may be removed for inactivity if necessary.

Warnings are not provided and will result in an instantaneous removal if deemed necessary.

Section 5: General Requirements

After each command is ran by a moderator, they are required to provide a reason for such command. For every kick, ban, or otherwise removal from the game, a moderator is required to specify which part of the FRP Guide has been violated with appropriate evidence. A moderator may not be on-duty when running any commands, regardless of the situation.

Each moderator is expected to log their hours being online as game moderator to ensure quality. Each moderator is expected to uphold a minimum of three (3) hours per week. A leave absence may not last longer than two (2) weeks in a two (2) month time period.

Section 6: Chain of Command

  1. Administrators
    These members head the Game Moderation team and select/dismiss members at their own will.

    • GetEnveloped
    • pathwaysbball
  2. Moderators
    Members that are apart of the Game Moderation Team, equipped with appropriate equipment to deal with game disruptions.

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