Firestone Event Staff

Should FES be brought back under a good leadership?
If you don’t know what FES is, it’s where you can be the lights operator, security, backstage staff, and more. It faced many problems back in 2017 with protests and a bit more.

FES had bad leadership at the time, so many problems caused it to shutdown, and let admins deal with everything.

FES provided more jobs for regular citizens and help out in anyway they can.

The question is, should they be brought back with a good leader?

  • Yes
  • No

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tbh I think it might work.

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maybe if it was run by the government, but fed has a long history of picking bad leaders for event staff so i wouldnt support him picking the coordinator


If a LONG-TIME community member of Firestone was put in-charge of it, similarly to the process of picking Firestone’s Developers now, I think it would be beneficial. Even if the government was in-charge of this staff team, the leader shouldn’t be in for terms, it should be like a voluntary position, only removed if they fail to do their job, or “retire.”

I agree with iLord; fed not placing people with appropriate leadership, and dedication to actually running the Event Staff.

a.) More jobs
b.) Security in the meeting complex
b.1) LEO’s can actually attend the meeting, and not worry about being “security”
c.) The meeting complex would actually look like a theater, with people working it


There is no real need or demand for FES.

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Can felons work for FES?

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  1. Jason you clearly don’t read announcements. Color and I check these daily. Not going to come back due to the fact people abuse the meeting center screens & abuse admin, know we can track commands people do.
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