Firestone Department of State Final Address/Exit Memo

Good evening.

As the term comes to an end, I would like to thank everyone here for all their hard work to turn the Department of State from nothing to something great. The department had around 3-4 employees when I inherited it, no active relations, and minimal policies. In this term, we now employee about 35 people, have 3-4 active relations, will form our first real treaty in ages, added many needed policies, and organized everything.

I also admit I am not perfect. The Department of State still has some issues that I would like to see resolved. For example, there have been some hardships that resulted from being overstaffed and bureaucratized. The foreign policy should be updated and adapted to fit the constraints of Roblox, but also take into account the need to expand who the State Department can interact with in order to have more to do.

I would like to give a special thanks to @Jordan_Chime for helping me make it through this term. He was here when I inherited it and has worked very hard to help improve the department with me.

The Firestone-Mayflower treaty will be finalized in the coming days and that will mark the State Department’s final act.

I enjoyed my time as Secretary of State immensely. Governor @CanineEnforcement has done an excellent job handling our foreign affairs and I bid him good luck in this election so he can continue this work. However, I do not intend to try to stay as Secretary of State next term, and hope whoever takes the reigns from me can improve it even more.

I believe it is my time to take it easy in Firestone. Serving as the first Chief Court Justice of Firestone, Firestone Secretary of State, and District Attorney has been a great honor and I thank all those who helped me along the way. I will remain in FDHS for a few months and will most likely leave Roblox sometime towards the end of the year. Should anyone need legal advice (once I get my BAR cert back and hopefully grandfathered in) I will always be available on discord.

Secretary of State




Thank you, Boss. I will miss you.


tyfys o7


<3 u blasty

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Brandon, look at you. Whenever we met during the final few weeks of the Frosty and Dralian Administration, I took one look at you and knew instantly that you were off to do great things. Still to this day, you haven’t proved me or anybody else wrong. I can recall both the good and bad times we’ve shared with each other, the long hours during the night that we would spend together getting things done. Although you’ve gone through some rocky times during your career, you had always came out better then what you were before. As the Senior Class President, a quote during my speech the other night at graduation was “don’t let anyone tell you that the sky is the limit whenever there are footprints on the moon”. I believe that this quote fits you well because knowing you, whenever you set out to do something, you put your heart and soul in that specific thing - and you always come out victorious.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is that you have been more than just a friend since the day that we had met, and I am extremely happy for you and your accomplishments, and grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet such an inspiring person like you. You have taught me confidence, educated me in almost all areas, and have led me to be a better person. You’re going to do amazing things in life, whether it be working in politics, law, or whatever your heart desires. Thank you for being such a compassionate and inspiring friend, character, and role model.


Thanks for being a great boss, heh.

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