Firestone Courts Release Regarding Discord Evidence

Hello citizens of Firestone. This is an official release from the Judicial Branch regarding our policy on refusing to allow Discord evidence in trials. This has been a rule for quite some time, even if it wasn’t a written rule. This complete ban has been abolished. We are allowing Discord posts to be used as evidence, but each piece of evidence must meet new regulations. To quote Article Three, Section Five of the Courts Handbook: “Discord can be used as evidence but, it must be related to a Firestone [Discord] server with undeniable proof that the person speaking is that person.” Let’s break this down a bit. What defines a FS server? Examples are, but are subject to change, the main Firestone Server, Department Servers, Branch Servers, and so on. A picture from a random six person server that isn’t officially linked to FS will not be admissible as evidence. The Department of Justice and ultimately our judges will be the defining factors in case acceptance with this. Next up, undeniable proof. In the FS main server, you can run the command !whois @user in #bot_commands and that will tell you which account a Discord user is linked to on Roblox. Most active citizens and state employees are in there, so we advise if your evidence is from a server that doesn’t have this feature to try this in the main server, as they likely have the same name in both. Other ways could be verification from department HICOMM. Most command staff can verify if a user is a department employee for example, and if they are indeed that Discord user. Simply have them come as a witness to state this, or request a subpoena from a judge. A good tip when getting evidence from a Discord server is to get the whole server in the picture (name, logo, channels/user panel, etc.) or at least the channel name. This makes your evidence stronger as it proves further which Discord it was on. Special circumstances may arise and will be judged on a case by case basis. This is also a great time to remind people that trying to frame another person will not work, and will come with severe legal repercussions which are, but not limited to: litigation, warrants, imprisonment, requesting of certifications to be revoked, requesting of terminations, requesting of blacklists, and so on. Pretty much every department, POST, and the Department of Public Safety do not tolerate this behavior. Weather you are a department member, aspiring to be one, a POST cadet, or whatever, it will come back to bite you. Use of things like Inspect Element and Photoshop will also not be tolerated, and we will do our best to vet for things like this. Deleting posts that incriminate you or that would important to a case is also illegal, as it is tampering with evidence (a felony), or an attempt thereof. Thank you for reading, and best wishes!

Approved by the CCJ


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