Firestone Congress

Good evening,

I’m just going to put out what’s going on regarding the Firestone House & Senate. Feel free to leave your respectful comments below.

It’s been 5 days since the senate and house term began, and it’s already shown that the entire Firestone Congress is a complete shit hole at this point. There has been scandals, fake/joke legislation, etc. I’m more outraged that we’re being disrespected from legislature members who we voted into office!

We have given our full attention to our legislature, and they are turning their backs upon the citizens that voted them in. The represenatives and senators that have recited an oath to protect and defend our states, have not yet even started producing productive legislation or attempt to connect with the citizens.

Listed below will be the House of Represenatives and Senate trellos, where you can see for yourself what is really happening. I will also post significant evidence I find disgusting from people we voted into office.


I am very sorry you feel that way, please make sure to DM a Senator what you want to be done within the Senate, such as bills, amendments, etc. However we, the Senate, don’t know what you want unless you tell us. I’ve been messaged by the Firestone Bureau of Investigation HICOM, and worked out a bill with them, and that was presented. That is what should happen.

This is due to lack of communication, and I apologize for that, as I am partially responsible.

State of Firestone,

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I did that, and I was told to “shut the fuck up.”

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By who?

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Right, I apologize for her actions…

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I highly suggest you do not include something in a thread that you have 0 knowledge about, especially when you are here “critizing” the congressional chambers but have not even been up to date with them.

Personally I am going to defend the House,

No one is disrespecting you, no one has made an attack to disrespect you, and no one intends to disrespect you. If is attention you want search for it somewhere else. We have done nothing but aimed to represent the citizens and do what is just. We are not turning out backs on you, yes we recited an oath to protect Firestone, to uphold the constitution, to ensure progression, and have we done anything but that?

You dare put Virginians false impeachment document here? If you had the slightest compency you would first understand that 1, that is not corruption, 2, everything in that document was disproved. for a matter of fact, the impeachment was retired because of this, and those who tampered with evidence are being prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

I can not stand it when people rant about us, but they fail to put anything up to date or valid. I am sure any Representative or even Senator can vouch for the fact they accept constructive citism, as long as it is valid, just like I did today.

I made an error in one of my legislative pieces, and I personally owe and apology to the congress. In an expulsion I was filing, I had forgot to make it a House only Resolution and it is completely broken and messed up. Now there is issues because of how I had written it. At first I was annoyed that people like the Governor were targetting me because of one mistake, but then I understood it is because they care about the state along side me.

Anyways, thats it.


State of Firestone

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When brought up to the senators regarding the situation of misbehavior in chambers.
Screenshot by Lightshot

Was put here to show the lack of investigation done by the investigative members of the government.

Did you not read the trellos, and the evidence I put on my original message?

I do indeed ask you to read the context of my full message, thanks.


Waiting on that Doj/FBI statement to come out soon. I’ll just add on that impeachment towards me. Was a plot set against me by a one of the members within the communist party whom tampered with evidence, did bribery, and attempted to falsely incriminate me which I found to be appalling. This whole event mostly unfolded due to me refusing to appoint a ‘Speaker Pro Tempore’ affiliated with any party.


which is exactly why im calling most of the members of the legislature immature because of actions like this



lol kidding



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dude like 40% of the people who won were just running for a meme XD


None who won were doing it for the meme but ok. Thank you for stating your point of view

I don’t think calling out citizens for “criticizing Congress” will help you here. Everyone has a right to their opinion, and it’s actually quite outrageous that you’d call out a citizen for making their opinion known, especially when you are a Congressman yourself.

You should be more worried about working on fixing the issues pointed out rather than hanging around picking fights with citizens who are merely stating their opinion.

If you can’t stand another’s point of view, I don’t think this is the right line of work for you.

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rong vary rong

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The Virginian thing was faked.


exactly why our congress is stupid because they are faking information to get rid of people




Who is this statement towards to exactly?