Firestone Christmas Event

Firestone Christmas Event

Stapleton County v2 will feature a Christmas event with a winter update. The Christmas event will require the participation of certain departments and individuals for a community reward. Those who participate will be awarded whilst those who did not contribute to the event goal will not be able to make use of the reward for the entirety of the winter update.

The Story

Santa Claus sends one of his elf to inform the people of his concern. While setting up the Christmas tree at Prominence, the construction equipment collapsed causing all the ornament balls to roll everywhere. The construction workers decided not to find the ornaments and set up the christmas tree this year. Santa does not deliver presents without christmas trees, so he sent an elf to warn the people that they should find the ornaments so that the construction workers can complete the tree.

Your Task

The ornaments have spread out to multiple games requiring the assistance of each department. You, as an individual, are summoned to collect ornaments from your department facilities as well as Stapleton County v2. You can find the list of affected places at the end of this thread.

The Reward

When Santa comes on December 24 to drop off the presents, each player involved will open the present on December 25 that will teach them how to create and throw snowballs. Effective December 25, all participating players will be able to use snowballs until the end of the winter update. You will not have to open the presents to achieve the skill, you will receive it on spawn after the effective date.

Affected Places

The following is a list of places where ornaments are lost and a list of people who are able to retrieve them.

Stapleton County v2

  • All citizens

State Capitol

  • Members of the Legislative Branch

Judicial Center

  • Members of the Judicial Branch

Homeland Security Training Facility

  • Department of Homeland Security

Public Works Training Facility

  • Department of Public Works

POST Training Facility

  • POST Trainees
  • POST Staff

SCSO Training Facility

  • Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office

Disclaimer: On December 1, 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, the event will go live on Stapleton County without a shutdown. All other places will require an update by the developer.

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uh what

1st because nobody called it

FSP is left out

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so what do you win?

Hm. Interesting, very interesting.

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inb4 people start joining random trainings to find ornaments because the noob trainers forgot to unslock


There’s several departments that aren’t involved, probably for development issues and possibly complications.

It’s going to be group-locked. You can’t pick up ornaments unless you’re in the specific group.

Excuse me, the District of Prominence will not be hiring Construction Workers for the Christmas Tree if this is what they are going to do!


just a quick analysis
FSP, SCSO, SCFD, and DOT are left out probably because the ornaments in v2 won’t be department specific, you likely don’t need access inside SCSO, SCFD, DOT, etc for the items

that moment when fsp isnt included

FSP, SCFD, and DOT weren’t included due to either lacking a training center or they have an outdated training center. This includes for other departments as well.

SCSO is included.

fsp doesnt even have a facility


If someone throws a snowball at me, I am pressing charges for assault. :triumph: