Fancy for House of Representatives!**

Greetings Citizens of Firestone,

I’m thefancyman143, I’m running for House of Representatives, I am asking for your vote, here again; as I ran for the last senator election, but missed the votes. I’ve had experience within the a states government: I’m a former Lieutenant Governor of the State of Koliger, I’ve been a Norfolk City Councilmen. I was also a former FSP Trooper. Now, I’m a current Firestone State Patrol Trooper.
You’ll hear what I will do in my time, congress.

My agenda:
I plan to bring up legislation to congress, with what I think that will help the citizens of firestone. I say, that it may needs a bit of updating within the legislation. As well, as gonna create bills to help Law Enforcement Officers. I’ll hopefully work with the House of Representatives, in order to get this complete. I also, will always listen to the citizens ideas, once they have any, then they may bring it forward to the House of Representatives, and we’ll do voting off of there. Any ideas, will be used and shall be used.

While I am in office the legislation I plan to do is;

The Green Act
Any many other bills. While I was in the Norfolk City Council, I introduced many bills to the council, and I plan to do this while in the House of Representative team. I also do plan to bring other bills, to congress.

Our Constitution:
I honestly say, that the constitution we currently have has many mistakes, and needs a little fixing, so that we’d as citizens of firestone don’t get confused on the constitution, what represents them.

As a Representative, I promise that I’ll stay active within the State of Firestone, I also think this will be a perfect job as a Representative, because government is really my thing.
Hope you vote for me.

If you got any suggestions with bills? Hit me up!
House of Representatives Candidate Fancy


Support. We need honest people, not drones.




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