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Friends and foes,

As we have seen, there has been a newly emerging topic of the DAG’s sudden resignation. To those who are not too informed on what is being said, let me sum it up for you:

Today, the DAG resigned and blamed his departure on the Governor, accusing him of “persistent micromanagement, obstructionism, and interference”. However, the Governor has responded by showing potential proof of negligence from the AG, accusing her of being completely inactive and failing to do duties.

Issues Raised about the DOJ by CanadlanLaw

  • CanadlanLaw accuses the DOJ and their administration specifically of critical failures.

  • This DPS report was filed against off-duty SCSO Officer Code_Law, filed just before the Gubernatorial election ended. CanadlanLaw, since this time, did not get involved nor influenced any result of this case.

  • The DPS case accused Code_Law of “Impersonation”, which is a crime, therefore it required a review from the DOJ to decide whether the case would be prosecuted or not. This case required some sort of approval and/or (?) review from the AG, however the AG had had not done what she needed to do.

  • As an alleged result of the AG’s inaction, the Statute of Limitations had expired and the case could not be prosecuted because the AG had not provided a decision nor conducted what was necessary in time (?).

AG’s Argument/Response + DAG Resignation

  • The Governor had informed the AG and DAG that they must attend a mandatory meeting with him to address “critical failures” and could lead to their dismissal if not resolved.

  • Governor begins to ask questions regarding the conduct and ongoing status of the Code_Law investigation

  • DAG Tor_Laws had resigned and accused the Governor of persistent micromanagement, obstructionism, and interference.

  • Following the resignation of the DAG, AG Skyewatch_RBLX issues this letter and admits to a failure involving the Code_Law case, blames miscommunication and misunderstanding; also calling out the Governor for expecting her to have no life saying:

“Anyone claiming that you must devote significant amounts of your time to show your devotion to your position, whether you be a cabinet member or a trooper does not understand that this is a game, because if you cut away your educational, employment, or life goals, you are dooming yourself to failure in your life.”

  • AG had said this about the governors conduct despite only having to approve/provide any sort of opinion (?) a case and hand it off to the SA Office for the actual prosecution.

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I did the best I can to confirm most of the allegations I’ve written based on my own findings, showing both PoVs. This is intended to be completely non-partial.


I just want to be clear, I made it clear to the Attorney General and SAO that I would not get involved in any prosecutorial decisions. I have an explicit job as Governor which is to manage the executive, if I am receiving multiple complaints from a 10 person department concerning the activity of the department heads, it is my constitutional responsibility to look into them. I’ve been receiving those complaints since I was Speaker of the House.

After I told the DOJ administration that we need to meet to solve these issues, otherwise there would be dismissals (if you can fix your act you get the boot), it caused Tor_Laws to resign and make a bunch of lies in an attempt to take me down with him. After being confronted, he refused to actually back his claims even after I offered him access to whatever he wanted post-resignation. He changed his defense to “by micromanaging DOJ I was obstructing it”, however I never talked to Tor this term other then when I said there would be a mandatory meeting.

Am I disappointed a mediocre lawyer like Tor_Laws would stain any fragment of a reputation he had by making false claims? Yes.

Am I disappointed he resigned? No. He was a below mediocre deputy department head that almost his entire administration had negative things to say about. Throwing a fit over being forced to do the bare minimum and lying in response is bottom of the barrel activity.

I refuse to tolerate ineffective and bottom of the barrel high ranking officials who take positions from their peers and hog them, I am glad that one left. For far too long, individuals like this act like they are superior to the average citizen and therefore shouldn’t be held to the same standards, I vehemently disagree.

The most common counterpoint to my argument is that this is a game and people should have fun. I agree. However, when you take on a role like department head, you sign an implied contract to COMPLETE your duties. This wasn’t done, and in response I intended to make sure it is done in the future in DOJs case, they did not like that, spurring this stupid situation.


As always, I welcome constructive criticism, which one can reach me via Discord @theblueskye

That is all.


Code_Law is innocent. Best Colonel in FSP history.

The Governor sucks.

DOJ strong, as they did not prosecute me.


I would have loved to have the opportunity to plead my case and set a precedent on what is considered “Impersonation” but for whatever reason the Department of Justice ultimately chose not charge me with that. As it lacked evidence that I used my position to gain access into a public road which would’ve been corruption if that (I understand it was blocked off and restiricted due to a event) It isnt an opinion it is a fact, if someone is employed in a department and they do decide to wear it off-duty that is not considered as impersonation. I understand you mr COunty Executive have a incorrect interpretation on the law.

At the end of the case was petty, the Department of Justice in my personal opinion the DOJ did not drop the ball. In fact they made a small mistake in a case where a toxic individual escalated a situation for no reason at all. He or she if im not mistaken came from a community where this was probably normalized.

If you really look at the case and the accusations the whole situation should’ve been a Department issue as in a majority of people’s opinion the only thing I did wrong was break department policy.

I have been a Law Enforcement Officer longer than a majority of people in power within this state and I will say this if this type of conduct (LEOs out to get other LEOs) continues this state will die just like how the Nation of Aigio died after Canadian’s presidency (Not saying he was the cause)

Very interesting thing going on here guys.

casual fs drama



Ah yes, well known legal expert FederalLaw. Also, you weren’t charged with impersonating, you were charged with failing to comply with lawful orders for investigation. I won’t comment on the political nature, but i will comment that you seem to think you’re above the law for some reason and you very much aren’t. You did some objectively stupid shit, got caught, and by the grace of an SAO attorney miscounting the days in January, are not going to be punished by the legal system for it. Do not think those in the body politic and the legal system don’t think less of you for it, though.


respect the best AG since 2019

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First off I do not think I am “Above the Law” I have been in this state since 2016

IF you reviewed the case, the FBI agent clearly stated that I was “Off-Duty” he acknowledged that I was infact employed at the agency. On top thatI switched teams prior to the detainment and CAME BACK. There is 0 reasonable suspicion. as the law states if “a person is not”

Correct me if im wrong RS is when you believe someone has committed a crime, knowing that I am am employed within SCSO and by switching team would you not have RS no longer? Even feds interpretation of the law is that if a person is employed it is “Common Sense” they’re NOT impersonating – Majority of LEOs can agree, if a person is employed they’re not impersonation.

The DOJ:
We were in the works of agreeing on a NPA, i take accountability for only not believing her but I did not have bad intentions when walking off, I was trying to assist a civilian at the gate. And the behavior is honestly toxic. I was just taking the advice of my lawyers.


“If you really look at the case and the accusations the whole situation should’ve been a Department issue as in a majority of people’s opinion the only thing I did wrong was break department policy.”

I only said this because back in the day, this would’ve been handled by a department fro some reason we normalize arresting each other for fun. IF angellic was a normal person she would’ve never questioned me on “Impersonating”

says the mediocre lawyer
(joke btw)

Anyways, hello

My name is ConfussIed. I’m a former prosecutor, and current judge.

I’m here to say fuck off

Failures in the SAO happen; they are a way of life. I speak from experience, cases are certainly missed. Second of all, DPS cases are not often reviewed by the AG. From when I was there (about 6 months ago now), they were oftentimes handed down to SAO to determine whether to prosecute.

Last I worked in the DOJ was 6 months ago, so take everything I said with a grain of salt. However, this was still under skye’s leadership: and she is a great attorney general.

This isn’t political speech, but jesus fucking christ let the woman do her thing. Mistakes fucking happen, in any department, and they should be embraced.

Thank you
and good night

and a majority of leos are FUCKING WRONG

that is NOT how that works

So a LEO can impersonate their department?

Ex: If I am a deputy and I walk to Rogreens from RCD to deposit cash before I go on duty and the officer that spots me recognizes my username and that I am in SCSO for example? He can still arrest?

at that point you’re being unreasonable, theres an ATM inside/around every CD


Makes me wittly want to hit the griddy on them bitches

DOJ is the most corruptoousic non scribcious department

It is definitely arguably how it works.

If you work for a department you can represent it on and off team, and you most certainly work for the department. How can you be impersonating something you are indeed a part of? You can’t really.

Nonetheless, the DOJ goofballed and this post had INACCURATE information

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He needs to get his steps in

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Just because you weren’t going to be prosecuted anyway doesn’t mean that the AG didn’t need to do their job @Code_Law