[EVENT] House of Representatives Hide and Seek | February 18th

House of Representatives

Representative Hide and Seek

Event Information

Speaker of the House L_3ee and Representative CanadlanLaw are hosting an in-game Hide and Seek event, this Saturday (18th February) at 4:00 PM EST in V2. Everyone will be able to participate in this event, and there will be in-game cash prizes for the winners!

Event Details

  • The event will commence at 4:00 PM EST in V2.

  • Unaccessible areas and areas you must break laws to enter are off-limits.

  • The list of participating Representatives, and a hint for each of their locations will be posted 5 minutes prior.

  • You must find a designated number of Representatives (will be decided day of) to win. There will be a first place, second place, and third place.

See you there!