Enforcement of Security Compliance Act of 2018

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S. 6

Enforcement of Security Compliance Act of 2018
A bill to enforce compliance of security checks by law enforcement and government agencies.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Firestone in Congress Assembled,


  1. Short Title. — This Act may be cited as the “Enforcement of Security Compliance Act of 2018”.

  2. Severability. — This Act shall be severable, such that if any word, phrase, line, sentence, or provision of this Act, or the application of any of them to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, their application to other persons or circumstances, and the remainder of this Act shall not be affected thereby. Any newer law shall not supersede this Act unless that law specifically declares its intent to supersede this Act’s provisions.

  3. Effective Date. — This Act shall go into effect immediately following enactment.

  4. Definitions. —

  5. “Search” or “security search” shall be defined as inventory searches done to a player in-game, often done with a “handcuff” and the search button.

  6. “State protectees” shall be defined as a person under the protection of a state agency.

  7. “Law enforcement” shall be defined as any agency/department including its members with the authority to enforce the law within the State of Firestone.

  8. “Authorized personnel” shall be defined as any employee under a state or county agency whose duty is to protect state protectees or has been given the authority to enforce security searches.

  9. “Citizen” is defined as a member of the State of Firestone.


  1. Any citizen or visitor, in any city or territory under the jurisdiction of the State of Firestone, must comply to a search when asked by a law enforcement officer or any authorized personnel in at least one of the following circumstances:

  2. Person in search is within fifty studs from a federal protectee or within any property a state protectee is in;

  3. Person in search is within property owned by the state government, the county government, and their agencies/departments;

  4. The law enforcement officer has a probable cause or a search warrant to search a specific person.

  5. Any law enforcement officer or authorized personnel seeking to search a person must inform him/her of the compliance order in Sec. 2 (a) of this act and the penalty for failing to comply in Sec. 3 (a) of this act.


  1. Law enforcement may, under this act, legally arrest a citizen or visitor if they fail to comply to the search under circumstance(s) stated in Sec. 2 (a) after two warnings including a legal explanation as required in Sec. 3 (b).
  2. If any law enforcement officer or authorized personnel abuses/misuses its privilege to enforce searches, arrest without probable cause under this act, enforces it without being under any circumstances defined in Sec. 2 (a), or uses it as a reason to commit crimes/felonies, they shall be convicted under the color of the law.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,


Senator iSchwenzer


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