ElderExotic for Senator - The Freedom Campaign

I’m ElderExotic
(formerly Lucas9704)

I have been around the community for many years now, mostly patrolling the streets alongside YOU, my peers, and colleagues. I have seen and heard everything that has gone through the State, good and bad. I have fulfilled my duties through multiple departments and positions. It has come time for me to take the next step into the future of Firestone, so here I am.

Over the past few months of my patrol as a Law Enforcement Officer and Citizen of this state, I have seen many issues arise. First of all, Corruption within the law has begun to rise. I’m not pointing fingers or firing blame on any certain individual, but the community as a whole. As of right now, any LEO can detain, hold, and arrest any citizen of the state for absolutely no reason. You may be saying, well there are laws for that and it’s not true! There are laws in place that have no impact on this specific problem. An officer could detain any civilian for a BOLO or even just make up a reason. When confronted, the officer can state that the offense happened an hour ago or previously in the day. You may now be saying, “Well can’t the citizen sue for false arrest?” And the answer is yes, however when a lawsuit is brought up for false arrest, it needs physical evidence or the case is IMMEDIATELY denied. Now think to yourself, how is somebody supposed to have evidence of them NOT committing a crime, let alone the said crime taking place hours before you even join the game! There is no way around this. Plus, if the case makes it to trial the officer just has to state that they forgot the situation and all will be excused – as seen in a recent case.

The next problem is the lack of a Statute of Limitations for in-game offenses. A person may have committed a crime one day and successfully evaded law enforcement. They leave the county and join back the next day to immediately get arrested for the offense that occurred the previous day. This is absurd, if an officer has PC to arrest the next day, a warrant should be filed through the courts instead. There is no reason to bring charges over from the day before other than an officer not having real PC and an uncontrollable grudge.

These flaws are inexcusable. I have seen these happen firsthand while on patrol. No citizen, or non-law-abiding civilian, deserves their rights to be taken away. Think about it, without these non-law-abiding citizens, the Firestone community would die out again, like early 2023.

Nobody wants this!

Solution and Concluding Statement
The state legislature is lacking the necessary needs to prevent the problems listed above. I will work to create new laws that are fair to both LEO’s and civilians. Focusing mainly on creating restrictions and limitations while continuing to allow all officers to carry out their lawful duties. As a LEO myself, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to do what’s right, just like many of you reading this. We need to stand together and defend the state from these rising problems.

Thanks, Elder

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As you said yourself, someone can sue for false arrest or false imprisonment, furthermore it is a crime to well in your scenario make up a reason to detain someone for no reason besides the one they created falsely, ergo nullifying the Peace Officer Exemption Clause.

There is already a Statute of Limitations, and at the end of the day, if people evade law enforcement and rejoin the game and get arrested that is on them.

Committing a crime and leaving the game after you eluded Officers for 2 minutes is not a valid excuse to get away with murder.

Statute of Limitations is there for A. DOJ to be able to prosecute, B. Officers to rightfully arrest someone who committed a crime and left the game after eluding.

This is already an option.

The State Legislature has created the necessary legislation in regard to your concerns listed in this manifesto, and if they did want to legislate it, they’re more than capable of doing so, and as someone who’s served in the Legislature for over a year non-consecutively this has never been a problem.

Any plans other than single-handedly uprooting the Criminal Justice System?

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I wonder why you find this an issue?

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Already explained how this doesn’t work, refer back to my speech.

I am bringing up the problem of one or multiple days between this, not 2 minutes. I have stated this in my speech.

You have gone blind to the real problems. I have first handedly seen these things happen more and more.

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Please don’t spread false information, Speaker.

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I would like too add onto my speech

Thank you for being here today as I stand before you as a candidate for the esteemed position of Senator. I am humbled by the opportunity to represent the voices of our community and to work tirelessly on your behalf. Today, I want to share with you my vision for our future and why I believe I am the best candidate to serve as your Senator.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that my candidacy is rooted in a deep commitment to public service. Throughout my life, I have witnessed the power of effective leadership and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives. It is this passion for service that drives me to seek this office, to dedicate myself to the well-being of our community, and to fight for the values that we hold dear.

One of the fundamental principles that guide my vision is the belief in equality and opportunity for all. I firmly believe that every person, regardless of their background, deserves a fair chance to succeed. As your Senator, I will advocate for policies that promote equal access to quality education, affordable healthcare, and economic opportunities. I will fight against discrimination in all its forms and work towards creating a society where everyone can thrive.

Another crucial aspect of my platform is the urgent need to address the pressing challenges of our time, particularly in the realm of climate change. We cannot afford to ignore the impact our actions have on the environment any longer. As your Senator, I will work tirelessly to support initiatives that promote renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure, and the preservation of our natural resources. It is our duty to protect our planet for future generations, and I am committed to being a champion for environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, I recognize the importance of fostering a strong economy that benefits all members of our community. I will advocate for policies that promote job creation, entrepreneurship, and fair wages. I believe in the power of small businesses and their ability to drive local economies. By supporting and empowering our local businesses, we can create a vibrant and prosperous community that thrives in the face of economic challenges.

Lastly, I want to emphasize the significance of effective and transparent governance. I firmly believe that public officials must be accountable to the people they serve. If elected, I will work diligently to ensure that your voice is heard, that your concerns are addressed, and that your trust in me as your representative is well-placed. I will actively engage with the community, hold regular town hall meetings, and establish open lines of communication so that we can work together to find the best solutions to our challenges.

In conclusion, I stand before you today as a candidate with a deep commitment to public service, a passion for equality and opportunity, and a determination to address the pressing issues of our time. I humbly ask for your support, your trust, and your vote so that together, we can build a brighter future for our community. Thank you.

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Again if you properly read and considered my concerns with your speech you’d see that I meant someone runs from Cops, leaves after two minutes, comes back on a couple of days later, that would be a completely reasonable, and justifiable arrest.

Well the reasons you gave in your speech didn’t make much sense, there are punishments in place for those who make false detainments or arrests.

Speaking with experience you’re simply not seeing the big picture.

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Leaving after 2 minutes is a moderation issue, if the officer actually has PC they should request a warrant.

There is NO way to prove false arrest or false detainment, more details in the original speech.

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I’m not meaning literally 2 minutes, I’m saying that you’re trying to erase the statute of limitations entirely by saying Officers shouldn’t be able to arrest the day after a crime was committed.

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I withdraw

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Candidate withdrew.