Drama aside, opinions on V3 BETA?

Fr tho like, V3 just wasn’t ready. It’ll be a great game eventually but now both v3 and v2 are dead cuz v3 killed v2 and v3 isn’t near complete.

edit: I got them switched up


i agree with this. no hate to devs at all, however it feels very rushed. there were so many bugs upon release - including almost unplayable ones that had to be resolved it was quite out of hand.


V3 is a great example of why you shouldn’t overhype your game, particularly at a very early stage


I think V3 beta is doing okay at the moment.

A lot of people seem really eager to turn around and compare V3 to V2 rather than looking at how far it’s come. V2 was made and improved over the course of years, V3 development has been slow up until the past few months where @blaadam really stepped up to put a massive effort to progress development.

People don’t seem to realise V3 is a completely new game made from scratch, there is going to be bugs and the developers are making a good effort to try fixing them.


For the last 4 years I said that I’m only in Firestone just to experience v3. However, I finally realized that I was lying this whole time. v3 looks and hopefully it meets everyone’s expectations. However the game play will not change for me. It will forever be that cops and robbers game. I realized I don’t have the spirit in me to focus on this game or even be part of the Firestone community. Im currently slowly going to start ways to leave Firestone or be inactive. It’s really not worth my time to focus on who is governor, senator, or department head. I noticed a lot of you have issues with Fedora too. I hope you realize that fed really doesn’t care. Let’s be honest that most of you who criticize fed will play the game regardless, so he really doesn’t have to take what you say serious.


v3 will be great once the bugs are fixed
beta itself: obviously could use fixing when the devs get to it but its still pretty good for a beta game


I think personally V3 has potential with what its got.

The issue with is is due to roleplaying has gotten dry over the years. As we were all stuck inside during the covid lockdowns and having nothing better to do with our lives, we could literally do anything, have fun roleplaying our creativity and bonding with like minded people. Now a days, iconic people and like minded have come and gone and the community isnt the same as it once was, granted it still has some dedicated people unlike Ridgeway which isnt dedicated to roleplay than just gameplay. Firestone was built basically on strict roleplay and given us the tools to let our minds go wild. That magic is gone for many as we as the community have run out and gotten fatigued (me for example).

V3 is a good game? Decent, still needs works on bugs and features like its older brother V2. But the transition phase will be a bit difficult due to a pay wall existing with roleplaying being run dry.