DoT New Employees getting suspended daily

As a brand new Public Employee myself, might I say lots of brand new employees are being suspended and even fired from Department of Transportation almost daily. AND lots of them clearly didn’t listen in their TTP and are failing to tow properly and do their job overall. I know HICOMM is trying their hardest to get rid of these nutjobs that are ruining the reputation, and I support them in their actions. Infact, Unit Trello boards were abused today, and I helped restore it. Hopefully HICOMM will get the situation handled and we won’t have to worry about DoT’s reputation being ruined.
suspensions (these were just from today):

Public Employee,


Dot is going downhill kbye


DoT is a great RP experience overall, just the problem is that people don’t listen and/or take notes at the TTP and don’t know how to do their job, and if the reputation is ruined, people won’t apply, and we’ll lose activity. :confused:


This happens much to often, in DoT. You see, DoT accepts a large amount of applicants at one time to fulfill training sessions and allow for them to filter them down later. They expect to filter out good from bad fairly quickly.


They should definitely take more time to look at details in the applications


As being apart of the former DOT High Command staff, I can agree with this


Despite its popularity, I believe DOT is a good and useful Department.

I do have one problem with DOT. Whenever I try to get a Tow to my location, even when there are about 3 DOT employee on shift, they never answer back on the radio, so I end up having to direct them until one of them replies back.

Their radio etiquette is not the best either.

Apart from that, I haven’t seen any issues worth pointing out.


Maybe they accept too many of the bad applications?


I agree completely. The applications should be graded WAY more harshly.

I actually got into an incident where a DOT pepper sprayed someone and said “I QUIT” and left the game.

Those kinds of people shouldn’t even be hired into DOT, let along pass their TTP…


As the the Secretary of the Department of Transportation, I completely disagree with some of the remarks.

I’m seeing “DOT is going downhill”, “oh, dot is terrible!1!”.

I don’t know how long most of you have been with Firestone, but you should’ve seen the previous administration that this department held. If you didn’t, it was a mess, and I was a former High Command of that administration. You cannot even try to compare both administrations.

To Mxtt_Bear: You aren’t in DoT, so you don’t really know how we handle things or how things function. From the Department Head’s perspective, DOT runs quite smoothly despite the fact that we have some foolish employees that provide poor representation of the department. Unlike most departments, we actually take action against those employees, hence the name of this post. Repeat offenders of such actions are terminated from the department. For the problem with the DOT employee on redwhiteandpew’s video, they have been terminated for doing such unprofessional and immature actions.

The whole problem with getting tows to your location is that so many cars are abandoned daily, and DoT is either busy or not online. There’s TWO major things you need to be mindful of here:

  1. DOT is not POST Certified
    Most law enforcement officers go through an entire academy, learning everything they need to know. Upon applying for a department, most of them have learned what they need to know. In the Department of Transportation, these are fresh people with some having no experience whatsoever. We need to teach them such things, and thats what causes so many errors. You may say “why don’t you just hire people with post cert or experience!1!”. Why? Because I actually give people chances, and if they don’t do good, that’s where they go.

  2. DOT is Secondary
    Most Department of Transportation employees are usually in law enforcement or another primary department, so it ranges from them choosing that job at Stapleton County or even representing that department at a meeting.

If you have any legitimate concerns with proper reasoning, my direct messages are always open.


If I could clear some things up: DoT is a hugely required department and is also fun to work within. This is just a discussion, not my personal beliefs. All I said was that DoT HICOM should read applications for more valuable information, and vital details, so we could get less abusers in our department, so we can have more fun.

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