DOT Car lot needs to be trespassing

at the FDOT Station, there needs to be a trespassing laws for not being able to go into the car lot unless you have perm from a DOT employee. Like just now, I had a person walk in there and DOT requested LEOs for them trespassing yet there isnt a sign. Its very dumb and there needs to be a law about this.


so then it would be illegal to take your car if it was towed?


I’ve never in my entire experience of Firestone, since V1, have I seen someone go to DOT for their car. They just respawn it. The majority of cars there are people arrested, and they spawn at CD when they get out of DOC.


Would be a nice county legislation… with obvious exceptions such as for those who want to retrieve their vehicles they owned or were authorized to get by the owner of the vehicle.


Yes, please. As a DOT Supervisor I have been constantly harassed by people entering the lot while I was dropping off vehicles, etc. I can recount at least 4 times I have been shot or attacked in the lot.



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No, as long as you are the cars owner, you can retrive it.

As long as you are the car owner, you can get your car but anyone else that doesnt have a reason to enter, should be charged with Trespassing.

I fully support this idea, yes it should be tresspassing but like what Depire just said in the two comments, let the car owners pick their cars up, we have locks on our cars and plate check with our department GUIs for a reason.

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I encourage congress to make it a loitering zone. The key with this is that you are allowed to go i to there to retrieve your car but your not allowed to stay there for not apparent reason. That would be much better than just making it trespassing with exceptions.

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Here is another picture of what I mean and may give context.

Do this for now until a loitering bill is introduced.


You don’t want it trespassing as then you cna legally shoot people for being in the parking lot. If you make it loitering then you still have the power to remove them while they also have the ability to claim their car. image

Ignore the red but better photo credit to @ElloNT when last term we were working on it.


No you don’t get to shoot people for it, there’s a clause for what trespassing places you can shoot people at


Thank you for this. If they are going to say that DPW has that, they should make the same for DOT. Majority of the time, the people are arrested and then they just respawn their car at CD.

Last term they said if it is restricted then you can use lethal force. Idk why. I still think loitering is better.

@Depiremlgmemer I am working with a congressman to amend the criminal code and get this fixed.

Thank you clone.

im psure they made it that way because otherwise the places where it should be legal (FNG, feds, govs, etc) it wouldnt be. so yes it needs to be defined as loitering, or could be made a county law to not go in there and have its own fines and stuff.

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@Depiremlgmemer That congressmen is Me :slight_smile:

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@Depiremlgmemer Mark this as the solution then I think you can close this thread! :slight_smile: Hopefully it passes! A Bill to Protect the Firestone Department of Transportation

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