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After spending some time out on the docks earlier today, I was noticing how dark it is at night. There are some lights along the main walkways, however there aren’t any where the boats spawn or where they park. This gave me an idea! Since flashlights were recently released for departments, it would be amazing if they could be released to citizens for purchase in the DoBW building. While some LEOs have been standing on the docks to help out, that isn’t really their job.

If a store was indeed made for flashlights, I thought why not add in a fishing rod too? This could be a way for citizens to make cash if they don’t actually have job. I’m not sure how DoBW would regulate fishing but that would be worked out if it was put in the game.

People could buy a fishing rod, take it out on a boat, collect fish, and bring those fish to a drop-off area near the docks. When they deposit the fish, they make a certain amount of money. (I was thinking 2-5 dollars per fish.)

If you have any other ideas for what could be in this “store” or or an opinion in general please comment down below!



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Yes, Support!

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Support, but the fish grabbing/selling concept is a stretch.


I support for fishing rods.

However. I think flashlights should be at Bloxmart or Minikart etc. Or even behind the counter in CD.

To be honest, flashlights should be in multiple locations are V2. This is just one place that it wouldn’t hurt to have them.

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Yeah. The dev team could make it as simple or as complicated as they see fit.

Cool idea, support. But you can’t hold tools while boating so that’s just a thing to consider.


support! if this is added it might open up a new division in dobw

well u dont fish while on a moving boat irl… so just dont do it on roblox either
get up out the seat to fish

I think fishing rods would be great if the rod was realistically priced (in the hundreds or more) for better chances at catching, and you can store the rod at your storage (like a firearm, etc). This way there could be more businesses (I was already thinking of starting a fishing company myself with this update) which would also raise the inter-state commerce.

I think you can’t hold them only while driving the boat so as long as you anchor it, it shouldn’t be a problem.


I mean, We’ve been promised a fishing system since V1

and yet there is none so rod is a stretch. Also the devs should be working on V3 not V2. I do agree with adding the base LEO Flashlight as a buyable Item you can place in storage but the rod is not needed for now.