DOBW Needs More Development

DOBW Needs More Development

I know this is a lot to ask for, it is just suggestions that DOBW would love to see added. We understand if none of these suggestions are added.

The Department of Boating and Waterways is easily the department with the least development in the state. The department is limited to towing (towing boats is VERY rare) and driving to prominence park. Because of this, people are not interested to join the department. Most resignations in the department have a reasoning similar to:

  • Lost interest in DOBW
  • Only get on DOBW to do quota
  • Nothing to do on team

The department has been asking for awhile to get some development updates. We recently got a placable buoy, which we are really thankful for. The department has a couple ideas of what could be added to spark some interest into DOBW and give us a reason to go on team:

More Tools:

It would be amazing if we could get more tools such as:

  • Broom (Sweeping docks or cleaning the island building)
  • Placable Floating Platform (Credits to Hobo_Bear for this idea in his previous post)
  • Trash Stick

DOBW HQ Update:

It would be amazing if the DOBW HQ added a small store where you can buy RP items to go on the water. Maybe a fishing rod (RP), water bottle, or a life jacket. Somebody mentioned awhile ago, back in September 2020, that the DOBW HQ could get a flashlight, where you could buy the gamepass straight from an NPC.

Vehicle Fleet Expansion:

It would be amazing if we got a few more vehicles added to our fleet. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Supervisor Tahoe
  • Tool F150 (just a F150 where you can grab tools from the back)
  • A small ferry boat? (DOBW could begin a program where we have a small ferry where we transport citizens from greendale to RW pier, and vice versa)

If you have any more ideas, do not be afraid to reply to this forum post.

This forum post was helped made from employees of the Department. Huge thanks from the following:
Supervisor TacticalBlue66
Board of Director I_S1AH
Secretary HippoRarest
Deputy Secretary GhrymReaper


Give DOBW the ability (a tool) to unanchor a boat.
We cant tow a boat if its anhored.


I know this is a long shot and would have some controversy, but maybe DOBW can get POST-certified individuals to get citation access.

I know people say “that’s the coast guards job” but I mean why can’t DOBW issue citations? Coast Guard still would still issue citations, and handle criminal offenses.


its getting abolish in v3 lulz


Who knows when V3 will come, it’s better to have fun until then.


Possibly also have some floating trash (not as much as on land ofc) in the lake which you can clean out by using a net.


So? V2 updates happen all the time. None of those are going to V3.

The Department of Boating and Waterways is a dept now, and we need some updates.


Remember, DOBW is being move to Firestone Park Service, which will be POST required.


These are all doable, I might do them this week.


i would join dobw but i am a felon



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its disappearing in v3 anyways