Do the discord un-ban requests actually work?

Many people have told me they’ve sent multiple appeals with the game and they’ve all been left in the dust on the status. Many times I even get told, “Oh, you’re banned? Request an un-ban here,” and it doesn’t work.
I’ve been in the community for many years and yet I feel left out of most of it for being banned from the main discord.
I’m almost an ADULT, and I was banned, at this point YEARS, ago for simply just accumulating rule violations related to arguing and disrespect, stuff that former and younger me would obviously want to be the best at.


I Was banned 1 Year ago for having a offensive profile picture and I’ve sent 3 appeals all left in the dust, I don’t think they work or the person who reviews them is not very good.


When I was a discord moderator this is what happened.

When someone send in an appeal mods get pinged in a special channel and the mods read it. After the mods read it they put a reaction on it. (Basically thumbs up or thumbs down and also most of the time the appeals gets approved by mods) and thats all the mods do the founders get final say.


We read most. We also deny most.

Why do you deny most?

I’ve seen people and so have I make good appeals but always denied despite the time difference between the incidents like Gabes several YEARS since being banned and mine being 1 year

Yeah, I also recently requested a ban appeal from a ban about 2 years old. So this is getting me worried, about why most are being denied. Even if they are known to have learned from their mistake or from awhile ago.


I don’t think you’re banned. If you are banned just join this It’s a refugee center

if that’s true why? i feel like after some time a ban should be repealed automatically unless what a person did was vile as hell. but the normal 3 kicks thing should maybe be a 6 month ban?

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We read them all but deny a solid 95% of them simply because of a lack of sincerity and an astonishing lack of accountability. Most people blame moderators and others for their wrongdoing, and we weed that out and prevent it from coming back into the community.

The bottom line is, you’re given 8 free warns, and 2 free kicks, if you lack that much self control and manage to acquire all actions, don’t be surprised when your forcefully ousted.

We deny most appeals for a vast majority of reasons. When reading appeals, we consider past moderation history, severity of the offense, and the potential for change if unbanned, among other factors. The nature and quality of the appeal is not always what decides if an appeal will be accepted. We also evaluate sincerity and whether or not the appeal exhibits remorse and/or accountability where appropriate. It’s disappointing to see that most appeals don’t even acknowledge the reason for the ban.

The fact of the matter is that if you’re banned, either you were given 8+1 warnings worth of past moderation or committed an offense severe enough to expedite this finale.

On top of all of that, even if an appeal was upvoted by the Moderators, it’s up to the Co-Founders to read through accepted appeals and formally unban them, as we don’t have those permissions anymore. Both of them are on some degree of leave, to my understanding.

Edit: Oh, and time doesn’t matter. It’s not for us to see that X amount of time has passed and that you’re probably a different person since that time - it’s your responsibility to make your best attempt to communicate that in an appeal.

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A ban’s a last resort. We’re not going to ban people and unban them just so they can come back and cause us more problems. If you’re banned, you’ve either exhausted your very many chances afforded to you to be a compliant member of the Discord or done something worthy of your immediate ousting. A ban’s to indicate that you’re no longer welcome in the Discord, not that you’re no longer welcome for X amount of time - all bans are indefinite.

Solution solved. Founders and co-founders give us strict things to follow and we will abide by them. Rules will be possibly changed in the next couple months.
Someone also created a same topic upon a discord situation.