Dizzy for Arborfield City Councilman

Hello, I am DizzyMW1, some may ask why am I running for CC? Well, here’s why I want a good city government, and I want to help form that government, many city governments have failed, and quit. I want this city to be great. I know we can be great, I will do all in my power to get bills, etc out. I will not fall inactive. If you have bill suggestions please dm me and I will get to it ASAP (Won’t be a wannabe famous boi and don’t answer dms). I have been numerous positions including County executive, County council, council chairmen in the county of maybery. I have been county council in Lucerne county( before I joined the mafia). You can trust me to make great legislations, and be a wonderful councilmen. I wish to be city council so I can make bills surrounding our city, this my not be the main city RW but I believe with the support of council, citizens, Mayors this city can become a major great city. We have many new bills to be proposed. I plan to have this city at its best as soon as possible and have a great time as city council. I will strive to get bills out ASAP and have this city like RW, if not better soon enough. My plans as City Council is to make great striving bills, and have a successful time as City Council. I can’t wait to serve you all. #Vote4Dizzy

Signed, DizzyMW1

Supports (made prior to me having my forums account approved):

Support , RBLXTrc
Support, Lidels_Law
Support, brentonbit
Support, Nexuls
Support, ProtectTheBlueLine (FaZeDeer)
Support, iiColin_Law
Support, PatrickLX
Support, Johndv0908

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Elections concluded.


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