Dispatch & Voice Chat Idea

So, I have an idea that can bring realism and whatnot back to Firestone. We wouldn’t have to worry about chats being censored and we wouldn’t have to worry about realism.

What we can do is begin a dispatching department. They will have to be involved in both the State of Firestone discord and the game itself with the LEOs. They will be in charge of moving officers into the same channel as civilians, and the civilians would have to be in a voice channel (it may have to be on another official Firestone discord due to how many voice channels there will be).

So, lets say I was in a traffic stop, the officers would have to be moved into the voice channel by the dispatcher so they can legitimately communicate with their actual voice, and not typing things.

If officer needs backup or needs to report shots fired, they inform the dispatcher.

This would work with the radio too. What could happen is a teamspeak could be made, and all the officers and LEOs are on the teamspeak, and they’re using that as their radio.

If someone needs to call 911, what they should do is type “911” in a certain channel, and when a dispatcher sees it, they join their channel and goes from there. While the dispatcher is in discord talking to the person who needs 911, they could be communicating on teamspeak with officers, like a legitimate 911 system.

Everyone would have to be in the discord voice channel so this system could work, and bubble in game chat would be for instances that require fast responses.

Yes, this is from the DOJRP community.

It could work, but a lot of people would have to agree with it, and that means everyone has to use a mic, especially officers.


I mean I think someone made a petition and it got declined but good idea.


This is a good idea. But with there being younger kids. And everyone is so used to what is happening now with the systems. They won’t pass it. A read CAD/MDT system is what we need along with dispatch Depts. But maybe it will pass.


It could be workable with young children.


I know, but bc now all younger kids have a microphone then what are they supposed to do?

  • Yes we should
  • No we shouldnt

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If you didn’t know Fedora is working on this so…


bad idea

this is firestone, not DOJ

not all civilians have discord
neither are all civilians in the discord
neither are all civilians actually proactive enough to get discord
neither are all civilians necessarily able to access the discord because they were banned
neither are all civilians going to get discord and get on the discord channel if it were needed for roleplay

there’s always going to be the FRPing sons of bitches who ruin shit and you can’t do anything about it because you’re yelling at someone who’s basically deaf to your ears over discord instead of ingame

as fed mentioned before dispatchers would have to be 24/7 around the clock if they were needed, which was a problem faced by norfolk, it simply wouldn’t be feasible if you wanted it to be realistic

this problem is already solved by the channels on the discord and stuff like that where people are able to access a civilian chat and radio for services, along with channels on individual department discords

this entire thing is already covered by the ingame service system which is literally self enabled, you can claim your own calls, use the radio on your own, you don’t have to have a middle man which slows things down drastically and might not always be there in case you need them

basically too hard to implement, horrible logistics, too retarded, and doesn’t fit in with firestone’s current mood or setting because of our community appeal and major problems that arise

and in the end no one cares because again, this is firestone in roblox, not GTA V
there is literally no need to be hyperrealistic like DOJ.


no docklands dispatch 2.0 please


:open_hands:t4: Queen :open_hands:t4:


then literally why are you here if you dont want this to be realistic. those citizens who dont have discord can leave because you dont even need to install it. the dispatch system is horrible and you know it. the middle man is meant to assign things.

people care because people are commenting. just because you dont doesn’t mean people don’t. get your head out of your ass, kid.


What if no dispatchers are online? Rip RP?


“sorry no dispatchers on, call is c4 frp”


Man I hope people are willing to dispatch 24/7 or the game is useless


I personally dislike this idea. Forcing civilians and Law Enforcements Officers to talk in the voice channel on discord will not be fun. I don’t have a microphone for discord but even if I do, I won’t use it. I prefer using the in-game text chat instead of using the voice channel. This is next level realism that is too much for a ROBLOX game.
I’m sure a huge majority of the players in Firestone don’t have Discord and a working microphone. Telling them to leave, will only kill the game and make the state look unwelcoming to new visitors.
The dispatch system sounds nice, but to have a dispatcher online 24/7 is very unlikely. It’s hard to get a LEO online 24/7 in this game already. But if this idea does work for some apparent reason, then I’m cool with it. But again, everything should be stuck to text chat.


It’s nice but roblox is the platform which many people already struggle to run along with discord so it’s a great idea if everyone would be involved but most people wouldn’t opt to use their mic and rp like that. But personally I like the idea and would love to participate in it.


So I saw the other post for dispatch system and it was very complicated to me, and some people don’t have mics. Here is my idea for a dispatch system:

Establish Stapleton County Emergency Communications dept.

The dept would be in charge of handling 911 calls and dispatching units.

If there is no dispatch in game, it will be the default 911 system like now.

If dispatch is in game, it would go like this:

For calling in on duty or off, instead of just blurting out “10-8” you would say,
“Direct dispatch”
“Go ahead”
“Mark me 10-8/10-10”
And the dispatcher would choose “busy” “Available” “Off duty” instead of the officer

911 CALLS:
For 911 calls, it would only show up for dispatch, and if the dispatcher thinks the call is legit or needs responding to, they would call out for example something like this:
“Direct closest unit/units, (States the situation and location, and what the reccomended response urgency is “C2/C3”)”
And the unit would call in “E/R” And they would markj them “Busy”

If the call is deemed unnecessary response or FRP, dispatch would clear the call and if necessary call the caller to explain that they aren’t sending units.

What do you think? This is just a basic idea for it.


Why have dispatch do something that LEOs can already do quite simply, the only reason I can really see dispatch serving an important use is if they assign units, that way we dont get 5 units respond to a traffic stop and 1 respond to an active shooting. Otherwise, just making dispatch do the same things that LEOs already do would make it unnecessarily complicated and not much more realistic.