Discourse Meta Features

Discourse Meta Features


Firestone Forums is using Discourse as it’s forum provider. There are many hidden features about foruming on Discourse, which many of the users do not know about clearly. This thread is our attempt to list each and every feature possible for you guys to use. Everything may not be listed and this thread will be updated as time moves on.


Discourse allows users to use basic HTML elements. The following are some of the few elements enabled:

<strike>text</strike> = text
<s>text</s> = text
<small>text</small> = text
<ins>text</ins> = text
<del>text</del> = text
<u>text</u> = text
<sub>text</sub> = text
<sup>text</sup> = text
<big>text</big> = text
<br> = Single Line Break
&nbsp; = Double Line Break

There is a way to adjust your text size, and can be done as follows:

# Text will make your text the biggest size.
## Text will make your text the second biggest size.
As you add on more #, the size of the text will become smaller. The minimum possible size you can go is with six #'s.

To post code, you can use three backsticks (`) with the language.


The full list of supported languages on Discourse can be found here: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/tree/master/lib/highlight_js/assets/lang

Extra Options

When creating a new thread or posting a reply, you have extra options at the top (image) . Under those options you have the following:


Hide Details Example
[details="Summary"] Text [/details]



Blur Spoiler Example
[spoiler]This text will be blurred[/spoiler]

This text will be blurred


In Discourse, you are able to mention people for several reasons. You can mention someone to either get their attention on a thread or to refer someone to their profile.

The syntax for mentioning is @username. Discourse will provide suggestions based on the characters you input and you can click on the names.


That concludes for what we have for Discourse features! This thread may be updated to include more features that were unlisted or were added.



Meta Discourse Update [discourse-cronos time=03:22;date=2018-05-04;format=LLL;timezones=America/Los_Angeles|America/New_York|Greenwich;]


  1. Insert a date and time in a post that is displayed in the current timezone for each user.
  2. Automatically close a poll on a given date and time

Source: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-2-0-0-beta8-release-notes/86722