Different dealers for different cars

Instead of everyone cramming into one car dealer, have the Ford vehicles be in one. Or Mustang and Dodge in a separate. It would spread out population to different towns.

Also maybe have a system where you can save a house in a server to spawn cars at your place, no price unless rent. Like 100-200 per day. And it would reset and cancel rent after you leave server.


Would be a good idea, but people will complain about having to go all the way to a different town for a certain car.


Agreed, but the Devs are not worried with v2. I dont think V2 is going to change a lot, they pretty much are calling it final. They are working on v3 so Hopefully this idea can be implemented there.

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Yea V3 is their main focus as of now.

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I can see it happening, but like said before. You should be able to spawn it at your house or at the designated car dealer.

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nothing wrong with that

you know how car dealerships work in real life, right?
usually of close proximity but still different dealers

perhaps there can be an auto mall

or have different car brand dealers scattered around the map

or a used car dealership idk

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Yea but Devs do not want to hear people complain about “too much realism”

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