Description in Tac channel

Okay, I know v3 is the focus but while we wait maybe this could be an update…


It would be cool if LEOs can have a text entry field where it says “Firestone Communication”. Just enough to say something like “RED SRT, DUCK OUTFIT, LFA”

This way new units joining don’t have to ask for desc.

could also be added to v3 if interested

if its not cool or worth the time then dont do it


i think it’d be nice if the Firestone Communications thing was still there, but tac channels/evnt/trn have an option to click on it where you can see more information about the current use of the channel. might be underused but still a fun idea!!

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this is a pretty neat idea but I’m not sure how often it would be used because pursuits are pretty fast-paced and you would probably be focused on giving out locations and keeping up with the pursuit.

agreed with pursuits and fast paced situations in tac channels, could be useful for situations such as active shooters and hostages sits and such.

also we could expand on this and have descriptions added for every channel, like EVNT to show what event the channel is being used for, and TRN to show what dept is using the training channel for. just a thought.


i agree but thats also what i said!! thief!!!

sorry its 2:50 am and im losing brain cells from buffalo wild wings and diet pepsi

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nah all me