Department of Corrections Or Department of Corruption?

Hi you all,

I am writing this to explain what had happened yesterday at the Department of Corrections training, hosted by TacticalHawk and the event that happened with TacticalHawk regarding the COTA exam game. On January 13th at midnight, the assistant warden had admin abused the trello board, by archiving the question, and in this case screwed up a script within my game, that I have let DOC use for the cota exam, and this script wasn’t apart of the game submitting etc. This was a script that helped me monitor the game. I was a bit angery at Tactical for multiple reasons, that he broke something of mine and that he abused the trello board without any good cause of archiving all the cards. I have reported this issue to Wolfcreator, however ignored the fact that he admin abused the trello board.

On the training part, I have attended training with a few others in the department that was hosted by Tactical. While they were teaching about the prisoner drop off portion, My mouse had glitched and clicked the distress button, once, and was admitted to in HICOMM. Soon after the distress button was pressed, there was multiple or one other person spamming the button, and someone pulled pepper spray and blinded everyone including myself, and myself was tazed by another officer. This training went out of whack for some reason. Tactical and Ruyguy had sat there and been asking the officers who did it, and no one admitted to it. Shortly after they returned back to training, Jonathan_McKay had then proceed to say he is making a rubber ball and throwing it at my head, I have said in voice chat that he has been doing this, no action was taken.

Roughly after I had left the department training, cause of dinner, I have proceeded to tell the other officers that the immaturity in the department is way out of hand. JakeGames25 had then said in the announcements I was being offensive to the officers and that he sends his apology to everyone effected. I have then tried to contact wolf about the matter, but he was offline. He had then made a press release saying that I was calling everyone a “H–” and other nasty words after that training, and was a lie.

I was sadly terminated because of the lies that was brought by other COs yesterday. This is the screenshot I have got from a friend today showing that Jake admitted to Lying to DPS, FBI and the DOC HICOMM about me, Person’s name is censored for privacy. Screenshot_131

These are the rest of the screenshots About tactical as well.

The only person out of all of this who is punished is me. What do you think of this?

Thank you for reading,
(This is Not a petition, this is more of me getting an opinion

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I believe the Department of Corrections is fairly well maintained and fair when it comes to their High Command and the way they treat their employees. I would like to mention on hypothetical yesterday that really turned me off about you mate, which really sparks a question of why you weren’t terminated sooner.

Yesterday, I joined the patrol channel in the DoC Discord, where I heard you talking to ruyguy (I think it was), begging for a free ride in the department. Given that the Department of Corrections does not mandate POST Certification, they mandate you take a class before leaving the facility with a Crown Vic (CV Certs). With this, you were begging the captain to certify you, basically negligent and not respecting the training that goes into DOC and really displayed a bad image of DoC. Nevertheless, nearly paging FNG to deal with one inmate that didnt even breakout.

This is no way, shape, and/or form is an official response from either of my designated department titles. This is strictly opinionated.



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Firstly, I never nearly paged the National Guard, A prisoner had glitched out of his cell and was found in the mess hall hiding in the kitchen sitting, But while we were searching for him, someone decided to open fire on us outside the prison while we were searching the outside.

Secondly, I was doing the course and the training for the CV, I never once asked that Ruyguy to certify me auto, I was asking him for the exam because at the time I was in a time issue because of stuff in real life.

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Apparently your literacy skills need some work.

You were complaining about having to be POST Certified and/or do the Course.

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OH, I had a miss understanding about that, Cause I thought you had to be POST certified, but it turned out I didnt.

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situation was already cleared with the trello, termination wasnt our fault. thanks

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That was confirmed photoshopped, lmao

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Also I never talked to DPS or FBI, just wolf lmfao

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So tell me how can you prove “photoshop”?

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Yesturday I sent everyone a picture of what I sent you in DMs, and that was not there lmao

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Inspect element with google chrome. @xKoytoPenguin

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According to my friend, he said it was somewhere else, Not DMs.

@Tactical I don’t use google chrome

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Well this is fun. This perturbs me as DOC is one of the only LEO departments that have little to no scandals. But nonetheless I suppose. I can’t very the training incident and really no one else can because you neglected to provide any proof. And Discord DMs do shit all really. I encourage you to, instead of trying to make a shitshow like this thread will be, report everything to the Department of Public Safety, or the FBI.

And with that I ask @anon54114525 or @Samtella to close this as it’s just a pissing match between the OP and the DOC

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Controversial post, Also just to state something. due to the person stating its a Photoshop. the evidence can and I personally would classify it as null til a screen share session or a video posted of the evidence.