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Department of Commerce
April 3rd, 2022

Hi everyone, the Department of Commerce is asking for YOUR input regarding the current general business policies that all businesses under the Department of Commerce must follow. Whether you’re an employee, a business owner, or just a normal citizen, we still ask for your input to help make the Department of Commerce achieve excellence within the state.

Before you start this poll, please review the business policies located here: Commerce Business Policies

Confidential Comments & Concerns
If you have any other additional comments that can be addressed publicly, please post them below. If you have a question or a concern regarding a certain individual or business, please fill out this form so we can address this concern privately

The Poll

Do you like the Commerce Business Policies overall?

  • Yes, I believe the Commerce Business Policies overall are good and shouldn’t be changed
  • No, I think there are some severe issues that need to be changed with the Commerce Business Policies
  • Minor Issues, I believe overall the Commerce Business Policies are good but there are a few things that should change

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Do you specifically like the Universal Business Policies?

  • Yes, I believe the Universal Business Policies overall are good and shouldn’t be changed
  • No, I think there are some severe issues that need to be changed with the Universal Business Policies
  • Minor Issues, I believe overall the Universal Business Policies are good but there are a few things that should change

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What are your thoughts on the Business Types currently defined by the Department of Commerce?

  • No Issues, I think the business types that the Department of Commerce currently have encompass varies types of businesses and shouldn’t be changed
  • A few adjustments needed, I believe that there needs to be a few more types added

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Should we revert the Rideshare/Transportation Policy?

  • Yes, make it where as long as the employee who is driving doesn’t have a record of murder and/or kidnapping then they are allowed to drive
  • No, keep the currently policy which states that, “The owner, their representatives, business employees or any externally contracted person(s) who transports a second party may not hold any criminal arrest records from within the past thirty days of the license submission.”

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What are your thoughts on the Business Firearms Policy?

  • Fair, I believe the policy is fair and shouldn’t be changed
  • Too Lenient, I believe there needs to be more requirements for businesses (such as requiring employees to take safety classes) that have firearms besides simply just requiring employees to have a CFL

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What are your thoughts on the Business Employee Protections Policy?

  • Good, I believe the regulations set forth are fair and shouldn’t be changed
  • Neutral, I do not care about the regulations and I do not care if these regulations became more strict or relaxed
  • Too relaxed, I believe these regulations are too relaxed and more should be included to protect employees
  • Too restrictive, I believe these regulations are too restrictive and are a burden to business owners

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Do you believe the application and renewal process is straight forward? (This isn’t asking if you enjoy the process, this is asking if you understand the steps required to obtain or maintain a permit)

  • Yes, I believe the processes are straight forward
  • No, I believe the processes are confusing and could be more straight forward

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What are the most important to you when it comes to an inspection? (Select all that apply)

  • Quickness, the shorter the time waiting for a permit the better
  • Thoroughness, the more details collected to ensure a safe business for the public the better
  • Service, being provided great service by your inspector (or by the department of commerce in general) to ensure the permit process moves smoothly
  • Informative, having an active system to see exactly where you are in the process

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Conclusion / Thank You!
Thank you so much for completing this poll. As an administration, we intend on asking for more public input in the future to ensure we’re providing the best service as possible. Please comment below if you have any comments or suggestions you’d like to make to the business policies. Again, specific concerns regarding a business and / or commerce employee should be made here:

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these clauses are socialism

commerce also has no business in suspending business operations

Should a State of Emergency be declared by the Governor of the State of Firestone, the Secretary of Commerce may suspend in-game business operations until said State of Emergency is concluded. In-game business operations may be suspended for the safety of all businesses or any other reasons deemed necessary by the Secretary and will be made clear at the time of suspension.

but commerce should probably focus more on its internal issues before dealing with its policy :^)


The wording on the universal policies is iffy sometimes I’d say, & the fact it’s still on the forums with a forum mod updating a former sec’s message

  1. I see your point with that. It was added to ensure businesses had a somewhat professional Discord while running their business. In reality though, why does it matter to us if it’s professional or not? We’re honestly here just to protect consumer safety. I’ll talk with the DOCM administration in terms of this policy.

  2. I agree with this policy and I don’t see us removing it anytime soon. We require owners to be within the Discord so they are updated on important announcements regarding business policy changes, business related events, and to ensure our inspectors can DM them regarding their property. Many IRL DOCM’s require businesses to be put on an email list. This is our version of that.

  3. Like number 1, I see your point with it. If a business wants to free rank, why shouldn’t they? The problem I see with this though is that then businesses may rush to hire people without thinking things through just to be ahead of the required employee threshold. I honestly believe this should be amended to talk about requiring employee training rather then applying as not having trained employees is a threat to consumer safety.

  4. I do not see us changing this policy, except in terms of maybe reducing the 30 days limit or adding something where if you’re involved with BREC then that clears you as well. This is to ensure the safety of both employees and citizens. Additionally, it reduces the chances of a business front being created for the sole purpose of gaining funds for crime.

Thank you for your feedback. If you have any additional comments or suggestions, please feel free to reply below so we can help improve the department.

The above are my opinions and my opinions alone. These are only suggestions and should not be counted as new policy until made official.

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Yeah I agree. The wording could be improved at times. In terms of your question talking about the updated forum post, that was done in order to keep a constant area for businesses to check up on the current policies and regulations. If we made a new form post for each iteration, we’d have over 30 of them by now and it may cause confusion on which one of them is currently in effect. We may once a year though made a new forum post so it’s at least under the new Secretary.


I’d personally say just keep it in an updated google doc (like other documents are) & replace the forum message w/ the link


After talking with the rest of the administration, we plan on implementing this change.


That is retarded. One of the many advantages of businesses is that criminal records don’t matter as long as you keep it out of uniform. There is no actual safety issue over the owner of a business being a criminal unless they have a history of crimes in uniform, which is a business blacklist anyway.

This is an illustrative example of why I believe the entire Commerce department should be levelled into the ground.


This would allow for businesses like this to be considered a gang under rico. If everyone in the business, including the owner, are criminals. Then one could argue that the intent of the business is to obtain funds for criminal activity.

If the owner is at least free of charges, then it’s a bit more difficult to declare it as such.

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Obviously, if it is not actually being used to fund criminal acts, it won’t be declared a criminal organisation.

IRL there are a number of actual, registered businesses that have been later declared as criminal organisations and shut down.

This shows that you not only lack knowledge about how businesses and criminality work in Firestone, but also IRL.

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My opinions on the Commerce Business Policies:

Requiring a certain Discord server structure is unnecessarily limiting. One business I am in has essentially no use for a general communication channel or even server rules for that matter.

Why does the Business Owner have to be in the Commerce server if they already have a designated representative in it?

Requiring “an established administration” is unnecessarily limiting.

Requiring that all employees are hired through a “fair” application and/or interview process is, you guessed it, unnecessarily limiting. Businesses are not public departments and what constitutes a “fair” process is so broad that it becomes meaningless.

Commerce should not be allowed unrestricted access to privileged information, even during an “emergency inspection”. Such access should require a court order.

Commerce should not be able to revoke a business licence simply because the owner was arrested.

Employees who wish to carry firearms should not require a separate Discord role. I don’t see the purpose of this requirement.

Section 5 of the Fairer Employment Act is written for departments, not businesses.

What constitutes “sufficient evidence” for disciplinary action is undefined.


We usually tend to let the co-owner take over, but if that doesn’t happen, they’re violating the policies

As for the rest, they will be looked into

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city’s point is that such policy is retarded

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