Department of Commerce Inspections Office - Now Hiring


Interested in joining the Commerce Inspections Office? Applications are open! The Department of Commerce is responsible for all business licensing and regulation in Firestone. This is a voluntary position, meaning it won’t take up ANY of your primary or secondary department slots. An additional perk is that you can qualify for a handicap permit!

What does the Inspections Office do?
➣ Reviews business permit applications.
➣ Reviews permit renewal applications.
➣ Writes short reports on completed inspections.

Entry Requirements:
➣ No felonies, no arrests, and no more than 2 misdemeanor citations on record.
➣ Must be in good standing with the State of Firestone and Commerce.
➣ Decent grammar.
➣ Not blacklisted.

Applications will be open until a suitable amount of applicants can be found. Direct any questions to jacob.#8959 on Discord .

Apply here: Stapleton County, Firestone - Roblox

If you wish to submit your application in an alternative way, copy this Google Doc and DM jacob.#8959 a PDF version once complete.