Department of Boating & Waterways NEEDS Developer Support!

As you may be aware, DOBW is being disbanded once V3 releases, largely stemming from a perception that we have limited activities to actually do. Consequently, this negatively affects our appeal to potential trainees and limits our contributions to the county. We earnestly believe that, given the right tools and development support, we could provide a much more enriching and contributory experience while we still are a department in V2. We are still a department and believe that we should be given the same attention as every other department.
We strongly feel that an investment in DOBW could benefit far beyond the scope of our department’s general responsibilities. Here are some ideas we think could significantly elevate our department and, by extension, enrich the Firestone community:

Maintenance Tasks: Assigning us tasks like cleaning waterways, fixing buoys, and checking navigational aids. This would be similar to FDOT’s callout system when traffic lights are down or SCFD’s structure fire system.
Infrastructure: Additional DOBW properties like lighthouses, piers, and perhaps even a maritime museum in one of the untouched properties in Greendale.
Expanded Waterways: Create water passages that travel through Arborfield, Prominence, and Redwood to make waterways more integral to county life.
Updated Vessels: Introduce new vessels like JetSkis, Skimmer Boat, and maybe even a Ferry Boat.
Garbage Collection: Similar to DPW’s Street Sweeper system, maybe add a polluting-type addition to the water that allows DOBW to clean up the water utilizing the Skimmer Boat that was mentioned earlier.
Maritime Calls: Realistic calls for buoy replacements or fixing lights.
Specialized Teams & Equipment: Dive equipment for maintenance activities at challenging underwater locations like dams and dock supports that expand into the sandbar.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas that can make the Department so much better in so many ways that are more attractive to the public. We just need the Developers to help us with expanding our possibilities, in an effort solely to make player experiences even better.



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No, Ive already apoken to the secretsry.

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I support this! The same old excuse of “DOBW is Going Away in V3” is too overused at this point. A stable, public version of V3 will not be out for a long time (in my opinion). DOBW is not going anywhere anytime soon, they’ve just got to get over the hump of accepting that fact and provide support for DOBW like they do every other department.