Declaration of War on the inferior State of Ridgeway

Declaration of War on State of Ridgeway
May 16, 2024

SECTION 1A: The State of Ridgeway shall be defined as: State of Ridgeway

SECTION 1B: The State of Firestone shall officially enter war, as described by the constitution, with the State of Ridgeway.


SECTION 2A: In accordance with C.IV.VI and a simple majority vote of both chambers, the Governor of the State of Firestone will have full authority to deploy the Firestone National Guard on foreign soil.

SECTION 2B: In response to a declaration of war by the State of Ridgeway against the State of Firestone, the State of Firestone shall enter direct warfare with the State of Ridgeway with the intent of irrefutable success.

SECTION 2C: The Governor may order the National Guard as to where to raid, attack, or otherwise harm the State of Ridgeway. The Governor may also order the National Guard to defend, assist, or otherwise help the State of Firestone at home.

Respectfully submitted to the Congress of the State of Firestone,
Governor CanadlanLaw