Database API (via the Forums) for Custom Discord Bots

So, lately I started offering to make custom Discord bots for FS governments (and thinking about expanding more). So far, both Redwood and Arbor have either taken me up or asked for me to make a bot for their Discords, and I have made a bot for my business, “Redwood Bagels and Deli”. Other people have also made their own custom Discord bots for their servers, @Clonemep and @ElloNT as far as I know.

I was wondering if it was possible for the forum moderators and state developers to get together and make a JSON API (with a unique API key for each member, if possible/needed) so we can bring the database into Discord. The main things I think we would need are arrests, citations, and the callsign history, but if someone wants to correct me, they can below.

Since most of us have Discord running in the background, it would allow us to do quicker background checks during in-game rp. Employers could also host actual interviews in city as well. SCFD can also quickly check to see if a person can go on a ride-along without waiting for the database website to load.

There could be other useful things that can arise from this feature, which other people can list it below as they see this.

pretty sure this was already turned away because of security infastructure/risks iirc


Yeah, that is a thing to be wary about. With API keys, though. You can introduce rate limits to help prevent abuse, and libraries that support Discord offer cooldowns, which bot developers can add to prevent abuse even further

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This was turned away by path due to hosting costs and other security reasons.

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This isn’t happening.
If people used bots then they wouldn’t use the website.

@Samtella made the website completely unscrapable for this reason.

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You’re relying on an external entity, not run by the State of Firestone to be trusted into implementing rate limits? That’s not how it works

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