Crime alt poll

do you agree with fed’s decision to allow crime alts?
  • yes, it is a great idea
  • yes, but there should be some changes
  • no, crime alts should be illegal

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legal members, did you have a crime alt before the change?
  • yes, I had an active crime alt
  • yes, but it was inactive/records were expunged
  • no, I never had one

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I think there should be some policies and there shouldve been a warning so the legislature and departments could update laws and policies to accomodate

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I think this was a good idea and a bad idea that crim alts were allowed and here’s why;

It’s beneficial to rp as having a crim alt when a legal because he or she want to make things fun. However what I’ve seen is the same legal mains basically do the same grinding stuff as criminals do, creating the same cycle that wasn’t meant to be intentional. Adding on, the fact that discord dms cannot be admissible in legal proceedings just makes it more difficult than it did before it was added. Additionally, its now virtually impossible to report and actually get someone fired for being corrupt or biased because cops are friends with crims and both sides are as I call them “popular” crims or cops. The reason I bring this up is because if one individual reports the cop for being “corrupt,” other members of the community will lash out towards the reporter and give him or her a hard time even though they would’ve done the right thing. But because of that factor, peer pressure will cave into others which would ultimately lead to seldom reports about “corrupt” or “biased” officers, or false reports can ring in over someone who is salty about an incident or just doesn’t like him or her. In todays time, it is more or less a guilty until proven innocent aspect which is difficult to get proper justice issued. A final aspect I wanna point out is because crim alts can be made, what is there to say they can be used for exploits? I’m not talking about flinging people or ddosing them because that’s more the 2020-2022 era of exploits, but what about something like ESP? It wasn’t that long ago that the undersheriff got banned for it, and yes I’ll get the argument that “oh well he got banned for it.” However there had been reports of people using an exploit related to shooting but it’s difficult to prove due to the fact that tracers have been removed. I’m not saying tracers should’ve stayed, because of this lag we had from them. Adding on, the exploit reports by other players who aren’t as known could easily be refuted by someone more notable in the community claiming it is lag and no foul play was used, inclining the game mod to side with him or her either due to peer pressure or because he or she is a friend of the defendant.

I like the intention however because it gives crims an opportunity to be a legal and vice versa. It gives legal the opportunity to create a crim alt and do whatever they want without the risk of losing their jobs and certs (should they not be discovered, however the discord fedlaw just makes it difficult to expose). And yes it can give an opportunity for legals to do rps that aren’t the same drag as what criminals do in today’s time. It can give the legals a preference in what they would like to do in the county on a particular day, whether they wanna rob a bank or just go on a rampage on their criminal alt. However he or she would also have the option to enforce and uphold the law. Criminal alts can allow interesting rps such as “living a double life” or creating organized crime where these gangs do actual fun rp stuff with each other and with cops.

With these pros and cons with crime alts, am I just placing it out there because I want fed to reconsider his decision? No, I think it can benefit the community and yes this is a new concept here but it should be something to think about long term. This system isn’t perfect but there is no perfect system; however I think through some regulating, it can balance out the legal and alt scale.


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Everyone who disagrees with this update doesnt know how to have fun.

Look at groups like Mayflower, you’re allowed to have a crime alt and the only time you will be punished is if you use your main account to benefit your alt account (from my understanding).

As for policy and legislative changes? What needs to be changed? Its a different account so you treat them no differently to a new player.

Ive also seen people raise concerns like “people are just gonna use their LEO mains to distribute classified material or see radio callouts ingame”

2 ways to handle this:

  1. Treat them like a rogue employee, have them fired or in some cases - arrested.
  2. Push @Cuxle, @pathwaysbball or @FederalLaw to make it FRP, its essentially metagamimg lol

Its an overall W update and certainly one od the best community updates I’ve seen in a while.


The recent fedlaw on messages being used in prosecution or action is exactly how the system already worked. Nothing has changed.

The DOJ will not prosecute someone over dm actions unless there is a clear connection ehat they’re referencing is to do with Firestone


Ya - give us a valid report and it’ll be investigated.

The old gun system showed people aimbottimg accidentally too - it always defaulted to the centre of the part (shit furry fish code tbh) so it looked like people were able to get perfect torso shots.


Pls tell me u havent heard of any recent roblox efforts


Crime alts is just worthless in my opinion, I see a lot of comments referencing to “mayflower”. Well, just because mayflower does it differently and allow crime alts, it should not mean that us (Firestone) should allow it, it takes away the experience of the game, and when criminals get that account arrested, they hop on another account just to do the same stuff.


Everybody is acting like they had to tell people they had a crim alt


Mayflower was also a toxic shitshow as a result because cops and legal people would use alts to be toxic as shit by either being inherently scummy in their crimes or trying to trip people up to get them in trouble because they have anonymity. This is what I fear will come as a result of this.


Nothing has changed with this rule?

Crim alts were never moderated (as of recent) but now there is no legal repercussions, that’s the difference.


Furthermore, alternative votes wil still be prohibited by the legislature, and we do not plan to make any changes to how alts are handled.


no it doesn’t, it lets people experience the game differently at the same time without being “punished”. it’s enjoyable for a lot of people.

do not see how getting arrested on a crime alt will cause people to get on another crime alt… usually you don’t have an alt to do the exact same thing…

this happens in firestone lol - just before nobody said they have a crime alt publicly

@DeltaTrigger can correct me on this but I believe in Mayflower u have to declare ur crime alts to ICF





Yes sir,

Pros: Provides more rp opportunities and gives players a choice whether to become a crim or LEO without getting in trouble.

Cons: Currently noticing legals picking up the same habits crims today have, difficult to prove corruption or bias without use of discord (fedlaw), and possibility of players using exploits such as ESP. (to blaad’s credit about the new anti exploit partnership with Roblox, I’ll look into it)


I most certainly agree with you.


Crime alts may be the only viable way to get expensive shit on the legal side without 20+ hours of grinding (for legal purposes do not give your main criminal money)