Creation of second/private servers


Alright so basically with the implementation of the new Stapleton County Hub, it has pretty much eliminated the creation of second servers and forces everyone into the first server unless that server is full, which makes it impossible to also create a second server. I emphasize this as this comes to a huge disadvantage to departments that rely on these second servers as their only source to conduct trainings. I am currently the DOC Training Bureau Head Instructor and I’ve been in this position for over a year. Part of our training process for our new applicants that come in is known as a Basic Correctional Officer Training. This training requires a practical portion to it as the function of DOC is complex and many of the duties that we cover can not be replicated or shown properly in our current training centre which has very minimal equipment/buildings that help us accurately demonstrate this. The training centre is literally just a rip off from the POST campus and doesn’t have any functioning cars or even a jail. The only sort of functionality that the training centre has to us is just using the classroom to go over the curriculum. Effectively, the only way to properly train our Applicants is by hosting our practical portions in the actual county so that they can experience and practice anysort of real scenario that they may experience as a CO using the proper vehicles, equipment and facility. The use of the first server is totally out of the question as our BCOT’s can last up to 2 hours and we’d be blocking any other regular CO from being able to perform their duties during that timespan not to mention the chaos that could erupt when there are trolls who will look for any way to disrupt or be a nuisance.

I am asking and urging for a change to this and for a way to be able to work around the current system so that departments can have their own servers where they could properly conduct any sort of training they need to without disruptions.
My idea: Each department gets their own private server where anyone in that department’s group could join the server.

(im sorry if this is hard to read, now you know why I hardly ever post here)


just block 1 person in the first server then click play and it should make a new server then unblock that person after

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Tried it many times, doesn’t work with the new hub

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The hub will place you into the largest available server rather than using Roblox’s matchmaking (which won’t put you in a server with a blocked user).

There is a create server button but it’s locked to founders.

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This could be useful however also can be abused; I’d say have a server for departments only. Though this wouldn’t help this specific issue, it could also be a feature that game moderators or even developers can open a new server

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