CorvusPhi for Arborfield City Council

CorvusPhi for Arborfield City Council.

As a first time runner, I am interested in a governmental position like many others. However, I have plans, and I will execute them. Upon getting into office, here are some crucial things I will provide to the community.

  • Engaging Arborfield more in Community Activities

  • Start a criminal reform program within Arborfield

  • A recognition of all cities/towns and how we can bring up the importance once more of the Municipal Government

I promise to do everything I can to be in the best interest of the State, the County, and the city of Arborfield.


I support.


I support


This candidate is true to his word. I’ve personally had the experience of working with him in Quest and I am blown away by his dedication to his positions. I look forward to seeing how he improves the City of Arborfield right down the road from Quest’s lot.




Support! Good luck Corvus!


SCFD Deputy Chief

Interested to see how you’d institute criminal reform within one city.

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Election over