Conspiracy towards Firestone government

My last thread about the weather was deleted. Why? Is the government trying to hide the truth? I think so. Firestone has three powerful men. The Founder, the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor. Illuminati also has three ends. If you include DPS as an eye. Firestone government is illuminati confirmed. Always watch your back. Don’t trust anyone. :eye: If they delete this thread they just proves my point.


Firestone has three syllables, you know what else has three syllables? That’s right Triangle. Do you know what’s connected to a triangle? YES, three sides. Which group has a logo with three sides? YES, a polygon! What’s a well known polygon that we all know and love? YES, a triangle. With this information we can trace back government actions to the Illuminati. Am I wrong, of course not. if they delete their post then they are hiding something. We don’t want these lizard people controlling our minds anymore. IT’S TIME TO TAKE A STAND! HALLELUJAH



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Wot u said

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@Samtella Shitpost