Commerce | Press Release #1


Press Release #1

October 5, 2018
Office of the Secretary

Members of the Department of Commerce convene today at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. After further discussion, the Department of Commerce will see further changes within how the department will operate. Within this release, individuals will find the changes that have occurred and that will occur within the upcoming days. On the grand opening of the department, all policies will have been established and business submissions will be open once again. We ask everyone to be patient while the Department of Commerce undergoes necessary changes to ensure the future success.

Within the previous administration, the Department of Commerce had three main subdivisions: Management Office, Administrative Office, and Media Relations Office. Today, we have shutdown the Administrative Office and converted Management Office into Inspections Office. Members of the Administrative Office have been fully transferred to the Inspections Office and the division is now up and functional under the command of Inspector General Khush1732. The Director of the then-Administrative Office has not been online for the meeting and will be re-located to a different position within the department. We have yet to discuss the future of the Director.

The administration team, which consists of all members within the Chairman of the Board and above, will convene this weekend to establish business policies and guidelines.Our goal is to open up business submissions by the end of this weeked. The inspections department will be inspecting all current businesses and plots for future businesses. As of now, businesses that have been approved within the previous administration are currently under restricted-approved. This means that after the department has been fully established, they will undergo inspection and see whether they are fit to operate.

The Inspections Office have started conducting inspections in regards to Path’s Guns within Arborfield and the current businesses standing. Upon the completion of policy making and inspections, there will be a press release regarding the changes and the results of the inspections. We ask everyone to cooperate with us as we work towards making a functional department.



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@GetEnveloped any update on the press release about the inspections?

COOL changes, cant wait to see this happen

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