[CLOSED STOP REPLYING] Petition to remove 1superchris2 from office

1superchris2’s time has come up in the Firestone Judicial Branch. 1superchris2 has constantly done unbelievable things in Firestone as far as giving warrants to the FOUNDER. 1superchris2 recently gave a warrant to @Shysun all because of a joke. When 1superchris2 gets angry he starts giving out warrants for the heck of it, this really needs to stop and 1superchris2 needs to be removed from his office in the Judaical Branch; many many others will agree with me. Please support this in order to make FIrestone better.

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Chris is doing his job and is legally protected by the constitution. Even if he makes warrants that are a bit conversational.

I do not support this.

Also he can only be removed from his position for any criminal activity. (Atleast to my understanding)

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Thats why this is a petition.

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He has reasons for handing out warrants. You can check each warrant for proof/evidence and reason. And he’s a serious person. Also, @shysun wouldn’t have gotten a warrant if he wasn’t joking around all the time and actually acted mature like a good DHS agent.

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Failure to properly discharge the duties of his office is the only impeachable offense that can be used here.

Even then its stretched as shit, because there isn’t much definition on “Failure to properly discharge the duties of his office” in the Constitution (but it’s in there), it could TECHNICALLY be the right “charge”.

I’m only outlining the only impeachable offense, which I doubt will have any success in Congress just because of how streched it is.

I’m not officially for or against this.

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As much as I feel that some of the warrants aren’t valid, they all are and have reasons behind them. Chris is just doing his job, which is to issue warrants to those who require them and LEOs have to serve those warrants if they come across an individual holding an active warrant.

I do not support removing him.

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Hm… Who gave Danny a screenshot saying shy copied the District Board? :thinking:

Oh yeah, that was you.


Anyway, even if what he did is absurd, I still don’t support removing him. He’s active in the Courts and is a good AJSC.


no support.

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this is a failure
no support

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I mean, I already argued to DOJ and The House of Representatives that he used his constitutional powers to inflict chaos with the warrant on Fed. Which I didn’t see it from a certain point of view that it was legal somehow.

With the warrant on Shysun, I agree with. He shouldn’t have used Danny’s signature to present a “fake” warrant. and Honestly, I finally give chris credit, and put DHS in their place, honestly they think their above the law. and Honestly I don’t care if he only did it as a joke, its like saying “I killed someone, but it was only a joke”, and I will be glad to arrest shysun when I see him.

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I can easily find out the whole story.

  1. shysun is my boyfriend.
  2. i can go back and look at the discord chat.
  3. it’s easy to see from the warrant.

Also, yes, I know you did. But you decided to contribute to the evidence which helped cause this warrant.

Anyway, topic was closed by OP.