Clerk to the Board - Open Position

Firestone Health Supervisory Board

Clerk to the Firestone Health Supervisory Board

  • Looking for a new interesting career?
  • No health experience needed
  • Have a passion to work with trello and google sheets/forms?

This career may be the right one for you!


  • Experience with trello
  • Experience with google sheets/forms
  • Good community standing and clean record
  • Experience with handling data
  • Great communication skills and discord activity

Job Role

  • File and organise motions and paperwork
  • Come into contact with potentially sensitive information regarding state security
  • Transcript and organise any disciplinary actions
  • Update trackers and forms
  • Update trellos frequently and organise meetings


  • Be involved with a great team
  • Frequent meetings with state officials alongside the Health Administration
  • Create a great name for yourself and experience
  • Exclusive departmental perks
  • Process data used everyday across the state
  • Oppurtunity to advance in your career

How to Apply!

DM Health Secretary nuttyboy987 with the following:

  • Previous Experiences
  • Why you would fit well in the role
  • What makes you trust worthy
  • Plans for maintaining activity

Open from: 04/12/2024
Closes: When a suitable candidate is found

Good luck to all who apply!