City Mayor Elections VOTING, January 2019

Since the guidelines stated the elections are to start at 6 PM EST, this forum was created for said elections.

I was unable to gain access to the proper trello to setup voting for these elections ingame, after multiple requests for such, thus this alternative was created, in order to follow proper procedure and cause no such delay to elections.

If you do not possess a forum account, and wish to vote in this election, you may DM the election sponsor (Patchy319#7301) on discord to have ur vote added to the results found on the forums.

PLEASE NOTE, YOU CANNOT VOTE TWICE If you possess a forums account, vote on the forums, everyone who manually dms to cast their ballot, shall be verified to ensure they do not entrust a forums account, in order to ordain and uphold the legal standing that citizens shall only have one vote, in each individual election.

You may only vote once for each of these elections below. These being, for Arborfield and Prominence Mayoral Positions.
Thus if you DM me, dm me ur vote for both of them, or N/A if you wish to not cast a ballot for one of the positions.

Arborfield Mayoral Elections

  • Shadow_Pentatonix
  • Ftlicious

0 voters

Redwood Mayoral Elections

  • tjrusty
  • Cenosity
  • jxkecomeback

0 voters

Dont be evil…

Polls are private and auto close on the 10th, at 8 PM EST.