Charged_Jayden for City Council

‪‪Introduction ‬ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
‪Hello, I am Charged_Jayden, and I hereby announce my candidacy for Redwood City Council. I a little bit new to Firestone even though I have been in Firestone for a year or two. So let me get to the point, I am trying my hardest to be something big in Firestone and this will be the next step to doing that.‬

Firestone Employment Experience

  • Stapleton County Sheriffs Office; Deputy

  • Department of Correction; Applicant

  • Class 50 in POST


  • Help Law Enforcement to make Redwood a safe place for citizens.

  • Listen to what the citizens of Redwood want/need.

  • Pass bills that are needed for Redwood, and do good for the citizens of Redwood.

  • Engage the community by hosting or attending events in Redwood so our community can grow.

  • More to come

Greatly appreciate you for reading my speech. As I am kind of new to this I thought it would be great for me to start asCity Council as it can help me learn new things that I never knew. The main reason why I am running for City Council is so I can help the citizens of Redwood, so they can have a safe environment. Any questions DM me on discord: Jayden#2049‬


support, good luck man

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Support by AidanTheManz


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