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Hello dear State Firestone citizens, RealLifeIsGame here.

During my time in FSP as a trooper and a pilot in the FSP, I came to the conclusion that the restricted airspace area should be changed as helicopters find it difficult to fly in Prominence as half of the Prominence where most of the operations take place is in restricted airspace by the FDOA. I would like to change with all of you that the airspace should only be valid near the capital, as it is one of the most important buildings in the state. There are many situations in Prominence, such as bank or ATM robbery and hostage situations. These situations are very important and require a very quick response from law enforcement officials. If the situation is, for example, in a warehouse, a helicopter reacting with FSP cannot enter the airspace and we would not be allowed to look for a hostage that would need the fastest response, because the FDOA regulations make it very difficult for us.

I would like to know your opinion on my idea and vote on it. Attached are 2 photos, the first shows the area limitation (current). The second is how limited it can be (in the future), it can save someone’s life.


  • Change restricted airspace.
  • Don’t change restricted airspace.

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I believe the aviation laws were amended to where pilots licensed by FDOA can legally pass through restricted airspace but obviously can’t hover/stay in it


aviation law says that its not trespassing for a licensed pilot to be above restricted land
aviation regulation says its a felony to knowingly enter restricted airspace without permission

also I’m still working on fixing the airspace map, this is the current official one


There’s multiple ways you can perform your duties looking for a hostage and not entering the restricted airspace. Even so, all you have to do is ask DHS for permission to enter that space and usually (correct me if I’m wrong), but there’s always some type of DHS employee on duty when ASU is online. As far as the ATM/Bank Robberies, the restricted airspace doesn’t affect that because the bank isn’t within it. The restricted airspace is designed to create a safe buffer space around federal buildings such as the capital, not just the building itself.


@iLordOfAviation If you need help to propose it lmk


According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way that a pilot should be able to fly over the capital. The restricted area in prom is too small to allow any fat little helicopter to get by. The pilot, of course, flies anyways. Because pilots don’t care what FDOA thinks is impossible.






lol, 99% of the time DHS gives ASU the ok to enter the airspace, so you should not be worrying about it really.


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