CFCT Class Poll Part 2

A long time ago I did a similar poll regarding CFCT’s. I think some of the public opinion has changed so I’m just doing another poll to gauge the interest of the public.

Do you have a CFCT?

  • Yes
  • No

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CFCT’s are hosted…

  • Too Much
  • Just Right
  • Not Enough

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How often should a CFCT be hosted?

  • 3 Times a week
  • Once a week
  • Every other week
  • Once a month
  • Every other month
  • Every 3 months

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CFCT’s should be announced in the… (select all that apply)

  • DOJ server NO ping
  • DOJ server ROLE ping
  • DOJ server @everyone ping
  • Firestone server NO ping
  • Firestone server @everyone ping

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The CFCT course is…

  • Too Easy
  • Just Right
  • Too Hard

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Thank you for voting! Feel free to put comments below for clarifications or to provide further feedback.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored by FFC or DOJ. Created as a personal endeavor of Clonemep


Who voted for an @everyone ping?


do something about how most people voted “not enough” :bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

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We’ve done like 6 in the last three weeks. Considering most of y’all fail anyway I don’t get how offering you more chances to waste an hour of your time matters.


To go off of this, I’d be scared people pass with brute force and just memorizing similar questions rather than learning the material.

The solution is a cooldown - you can only attend once every x weeks

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The FFC has been mulling that over. I might finally bite the bullet and make a drawn out proposal for it.


Most people want more CFCTs because they failed a CFCT but don’t realize why they failed (and the possible consequences of getting a gun without proper firearm knowledge)

lalalalalalallalalalalalal liar liar pants on fire


can i have one 4 free

boutta be my based ass opinion

i voted “too easy” for cfct difficulty

now, bear in mind my CFCT was from a long long time ago, BUT

based on the amount of people I see misusing legal firearms, borderline criminal stuff, etc etc

clearly something in terms of training is wrong

also: all yall bitches whine about not enough CFCT’s

just have some fucking patience dawg

there are fuckin 4 dudes who dont get paid who have to read off of a slide for an hour every month

if you want them to host some shit give them some fucking incentive???

anyways thats my opinion


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The issue is to make the CFCT more in depth and to really lower the misuse rate we would need to make them so much longer and they already last over an hour.

I had to cut material from my last one because they took so long (the material I cut was stuff I personally liked doing but wasn’t legally required)

I mean, it’s a video game with no real consequences to going criminal given you can completely undo such after a period of time and go back to being legal. Most is our revocations are for intentional misconduct, which can’t really be curbed by any type of training.

how about make the material public & the CFCT act more as a light overview

like obviously these bitches aint readin the law, make like a google slideshow for them to watch before they go like a post tier

its like 3 months, and with widely no good employment opportunities (wouldve been different if that dot/dpw employment thing went through) they are more inclined to return to crime

like many people try to go legal but fuck up because it’s 3 months long

DPW and DOT should still employ criminals idk why they stopped