Cars Falling Through Roads

Ya, this video explains it all. This happens on bridges too, the cars just fall through, kinda annoying tbh.

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Ignore the video, I just used it because it shows the glitch. I didn’t even watch the whole video.

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This is actually reverent, thank you FS Bot, yeah, this still happens, proof is in the Funniest Thing’s you’ve ever seen in the county thread

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wow an actual relevant bump

yes this still happens, please fix.

happens literally everywhere, bridges, wedges, hills

stuff like that

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Happend with, My ambulance twice on skyway.


Idk if they will fix it because they are focusing on V3 now but fed said only major issues. but i think this qualifies as a major issue

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This = Big fucking issue

Can we get a fix ktyvm deveronis

Finally a bot bumps something still needed to be fixed!

It also happens in towns out of redwood like near govs mansion on the road

skyway is brutal, also nice bump

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Developers are aware of the bug.

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