Carrot for House!

Hello Firestone!

I am announcing my candidacy for Firestone House of Representatives. Although I have no government experience in the past, I still would like to try in the HOR elections and hope to gain a seat. My previous plan was to gain a seat on the Arborfield City Council, but I was not able to win the election. I believe I need to try even harder to be able to win an election, so this time I will be doing more activities to gain popularity among voters. Yes, I have entered the election late, but it’s the effort that counts. You may be asking, what does this guy support? I believe in listening to this citizens of Firestone! People always come first! I will be learning legislative experience along the way potentially talking to other reps to learn what I need to be doing to be a better and experienced servant to the people. I am not expecting to win this election, but mainly to hear the feedback of the people so I can learn more about Firestone politics. Thank you for reading my post, I would love to hear feedback on what I can do for you if I am elected or what I can learn for future elections. As I said, I’m not expecting to win, I would like to use this election as a learning experience for me.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the replies or DM me @Mrgoldencarrot#6969.


your only experience is failing a city council election
what makes you think you’re qualified for house?


Yes, I may have horrifically failed a city council election, as I said I was not expecting to win this election, mainly just to gain experience from the reply section on how to be a good politician in Firestone. There a a few other newcomers who don’t even have experience failing an election to learn from mistakes.


What are your plans for the term?


Currently, my plans are very similar to a lot of other people, make bills, listen to citizens, reach out to everyone. I plan to vote on bills the way majority of the citizens want it, not how I want it or one person wants it.




4 supports off.