Carrols Corner Discussion

Carrols Corner Discussion

Today’s stream showed a big milestone that we have hit. 65 viewers watching the stream is a big milestone for a second stream. I’d like to thank you all for watching and see you hopefully in the next stream.

This is an interactive forum post to promote discussion and point of view.


I. Congressional Election
II. What does it mean to vote?
III. Supreme Court Overdrive
IV. Should laws apply everywhere…
V. Constitutional Crisis

Congressional Election

New people took seats in congress and they were congratulated on stream. What do you think of people that are in Congress currently and your feeling towards them?

What does it mean to vote?

Currently, there is no denying not every firestone is being represented when voting for their congressmen due to the forums, what is your stance on this matter? the bill of rights does state all citizens of firestone shall have the right to vote… do they really?

Supreme Court Overdrive

This month the Supreme court justice did tremendous work completing writs than they previously have in five months. What do you think of this achievement and the great work of the supreme court?

Department Accountability

So currently, the supreme court ruling showed that officers and members of departments are held accountable for anything for everything they say on discord and forums affecting their employment and such. What is your opinion about this matter?

Constituional Crisis

nuff said comment on it

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You’ll see some departments enforce this heavily and some won’t. The Governor hasn’t really given direction on this.


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