Car Dealer (Garage and locations)

In Firestone people cram into 1 car dealer to purchase or spawn a vehicle, it is a mess and causes many incidents. Ex: Traffic jams, Injured people (Being hit by cars), Protest, etc…

But in real life people go to a individual Car Dealer (Dodge, Ford, Volkswagens, etc) to purchase cars (or in this case spawn vehicles). This would reduce congestion in Redwood and you can place the car dealerships in separate cities to spread out people in V2.


People should be able to save their vehicles at a parking garage, everyone who has purchased a vehicle will be have to go to the garage they picked when purchasing a vehicle in order to spawn it. This will increase realism of pulling out of a garage and more.

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I think all Car Dealers shoulf have a garage so if you buy a car to don’t have to walk to a garage. Otherwise great idea.